Saturday 13 June 2020

(Ad - Gifted) A Father’s Day Get Baking Kit from Roberts Bakery Direct!

If you are not sorted for Father's day you better hurry up, it's in just over a weeks time! There is some great gifts out there but if you want something a little different I have a great idea for you!

Show your dad just how much you ‘loaf’ him this Father’s Day by giving the daddy of all gifts, a Father’s Day Get Baking Kit from Robert's Bakery Direct!

A far cry from the usual socks and smellies, Roberts’ Get Baking Kit is a great gift for all those foodie fathers out there as well as those dads who simply like spending a bit of time in the kitchen.

This vegan friendly home bread baking kit will include easy instructions for Dad on how he can shape and bake the dough into inspiring creations. Use the handy stencil to produce some brilliant Football Rolls or make a fabulous ‘Footboule’ Loaf or do both. Just cut out the pattern, sieve over the flour and voila!  Perfect for a crispy bacon breakfast or dad’s preferred lunchtime sarnie!

I think it would be a fantastic idea for the kids to get in the kitchen with their dad or grandad, spend some quality time together and make something tasty to eat too. We are being sent one of these to try out and Ellie can't wait to do some baking with her dad. Baking is usually a thing her and me do together so it will be a real treat for her to boss her dad around in the kitchen. hehehe

The kit is made with the Robert’s very own premium flour and contains everything he’ll need to get baking. Just add water and olive oil, stir up and knead it before putting it in the oven.

 Each 1kg Get Baking Kit makes a large white loaf and 12 white bread rolls, a large white loaf and four pizza bases or a large white loaf, six white rolls and two pizza bases. There are loads of possibilities and there’s no rush. Once the kit’s are opened they last for three months.

 Each kit comes in a recyclable paper bag and costs £8.50.

Final orders must be placed by 3pm on Thursday 18th June for delivery in time for Sunday 21st June.

I am being sent a baking kit free of charge in exchange for this blog post.

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  1. What a brilliant Father's day gift idea something a bit different as well X