Thursday 31 December 2020

The highs and lows of 2020!

For the last few years I have done this tag on recapping the last year! I think I originally got it from Woman on Thin Ice and I think it is a great way to remember the year although there is plenty that I want to forget about this year.

What a year 2020 was, words can not even begin to describe it! This time last year who'd have thought we'd have been wearing masks, had many lockdowns and couldn't see our loved one's. We didn't even know what social distancing was. Coronavirus has hit the world, our country and families hard.


1. What was your happiest event?
I would have to say spending time with my family during lockdown! We had got to a point where my girls had their own life with there friends and I was seeing very little of them. It is selfish of me but the first lockdown meant that they couldn't go out to meet them and had to spend time at home, with me! There was a lot of silver linings to the lockdown. Spending less money, appreciating people more, walking and doing DIY jobs around the house.

2. What was the saddest thing to happen?
I have 2 moments that were so sad. My dad testing positive for Coronavirus. Thankfully now he is recovering well, I wouldn't go as far to say he has fully recovered but he's getting there. It was awful to see what Covid did to him. He is 70 odd year old and was very active for his age. Having Coronavirus has aged him. He now looks his age and has to act his age, there is no more working 12 hours a day or lifting and carrying things.

We also lost a family friend to Covid. Ellie's best friends mum. She was an amazing woman. Kind, thoughtful, funny and just a good egg. When I read the news on Facebook all I thought was why? We were devastated for the loss of a good person and Ellie's friend who has lost her mother way before she should have. Sending love and hugs to you "R" if you are reading, I know you sometimes do.

3. What was the most unlikely thing to happen that actually went ahead and did?
Home schooling! I had always thought about home schooling Ellie especially when she was being bullied at her old school but after having to home school her for a few months before the summer holidays I have realised it isn't for us. We did try our best though and will be doing it again for a couple of weeks in January. I am sure we'll be fine. Eek! 

4. Who let you down?
I can't name names or say much about the situation but a family member did. They were given a fantastic opportunity and they screwed it up massively which caused a whole heap of stress for the rest of the family!

5. Who supported you?
So many people, especially when my dad was ill. We moved here knowing no one apart from my dad and his partner and now it feels like we have real friends and people we can rely on, especially when things are tough!

6. Tell us what you learned?
People are more idiotic than I ever thought they could be! Those who don't wear masks when they have no reason not to, Dominic Cummings, Boris, the idiot Hancock and those who think COVID-19 isn't real. I have probably been to the local shop about 10 times at the most since March and each time I have lost it with people who don't know how to social me.

7. Tell us what made you laugh?
Donald Trump and the US elections. His dancing and the farce it became. I can really see him having to be forcibly removed from the White House in a few weeks. I think I would pay to watch that. lol

8. Tell us the things that made you cry?
My dad being ill, Ellie's friends mum dying, Coronation Street, Captain Tom and all the videos of key workers, NHS staff and most things to do with Coronavirus.

9. Tell us three things your child or children did to make you feel proud. Please miss this question out if you are not a parent.
Becky my eldest made me so proud by coming out to us as gay. She had to really as she had a girlfriend that wanted to meet us and I am glad to say they're still together now and it's been nearly a year! 

Ellie has just been plodding on making us proud every day. We had a shaky start to home schooling but did get on well with it eventually.

Both of my girls being amazing and just dealing with Coronavirus the best they can.

10. Tell us the things that made you proud of yourself.
I have stood up for myself and my girls. I am not a person to argue back face to face with people but I have this year! I prime example of it was when we had Ellie's yearly hearing test with an idiot doctor who hadn't read her medical notes.

11. Tell us the challenges you overcame?
Not relying on my dad to help us out with things around the house and giving us lifts places because we had to keep our distance from him. It has been hard especially when we had an appointment in town and the buses stopped running for a few hours because of a crash on the Humber bridge. Usually I would have rang him to pick us up but couldn't because of social distancing. I did ring him to ask what the hell was going on and told us way more than the bus drivers told us.

12. Tell us the things you would like to change about your life in 2021.
There isn't much that I can think of. I say this every year, exercise more and eat better but that's about it. I would be happy to just get through the next year without stressing as much as I have this year.

Happy new year! Wishing you all the best for 2021.

Wednesday 30 December 2020

My top 10 blog posts of all time!

Once in a blue moon I will go and look how people end up on my blog and what they have searched for. A few weeks ago it got me thinking to what my most read blog posts are. I've been blogging for over 8 years now and have quite a selection of posts. I was quite surprised what my top 10 blog posts are!


If you do go back and to read my old blog posts be nice and don't judge. Some of the photos are terrible. Oops. I do seem to have got better at writing blog posts.

Milton sterilising products

From July 2018 this is my most read blog post of all time and most of the views have came from this year. I guess that long summer with us all at home made everyone get their paddling pools out. People wanted to know if you could use the sterilising tablets to clean paddling pools and how many tablets to use.

EcoHydra Hand Sanitiser

It surprised me that people managed to find this blog post considering it was written in October 2014 but I guess a lot of people were searching hand sanitiser, especially when it was out of stock in a lot of the shops. It made me did think back to the simpler times when the only time I thought about hand sanitiser was when the kids had tummy bugs.

How to make Beanies

This made me so happy seeing this in my top 10 blog posts. I love beanies and love that other people know what I'm on about. A beanie is baked beans wrapped up inside sausage meat and then battered and deep fried! They are mostly a North East thing and I am told they were made by a company in Washington, Tyne & Wear until the late 80's. People keep finding this blog post by asking how to make them.

Mega Bloks

Way back in 2015 we were giving some Mega Bloks away but needed to clean them. Stu had the idea of cleaning them in the washing machine, I didn't think it was going to end well but it did! 

DYLON fabric dye

This was a surprise seeing this as one of my most read blog posts. It was one of the first things I was sent to review way back in 2013 here on my blog. It is something I have gone on to purchase myself and dyed curtains and cushion covers purple.

a rat

This is one of my most recent blog posts in my top 10 from September this year. I am guessing people also have rats under their floorboards upstairs. It really is more common than you think.


Another blog post from years ago, back in 2015 when Zoflora hadn't been made famous by all the celebrity cleaners. Zoflora was something I discovered through being sent it to review and now it's everywhere and so popular. 

Bushtucker Trial Food

I bought this from Iceland in 2014 and every year when I'm a Celebrity is on TV it gets looked at. I wish Iceland would go back to sponsoring the show just so we could try it again. It was disgusting but so much fun! There were no actual bugs in it just things made to look like bugs but that was bad enough.

Advice for new CHD parents

I am so glad something heart defect related was in my top 10. Finding out your child has a problem with their heart is the worst feeling. You step into a different, scary world with medical professionals firing words at you which you don't understand, the unknown and uncertainty and I think reading things from people who are in your shoes helps. I hope I have helped someone.

Travelling by train.

I wrote this a couple of years ago and I imagine over Christmas travelling by train was more stressful than ever before but for different reasons with the pandemic going on. It does make me chuckle that other people must think the same by searching for Travelling by train makes people angry. lol

Have you read any of these blog posts from me?

Tuesday 29 December 2020

Just the four of us for Christmas.

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas we did despite me not feeling Christmassy until Christmas eve. I think it snowing helped me get into the Christmas spirit. That was a big surprise. The kids were still in bed and Stu and I both shouted to them quick, get up, it's snowing. Of course they didn't believe us. lol They missed it but thankfully it did snow later on in the day and we woke up with a light dusting on Christmas day too.

Christmas eve went exactly to plan. In fact it was better than I had planed. It was so relaxed, I got most of the Christmas dinner cooked and the rest prepped. The kids decorated gingerbread men, we had a buffet tea and opened a few presents! It was perfect. I'd like to say we went to bed early but once Stu and I had put all the presents out and sat down and had a couple of drinks and before we knew it, it was gone midnight. Oops.

The kids woke up on Christmas day just after half 7 but they had their stockings to open which held them off waking Stu and I for a good half hour. 

They were so pleased with all the presents they received and got a few surprises that they had asked for but weren't expecting. I am already regretting buying Ellie the roller skates. She is like Bambi on ice and that is just in the house. As of writing this she hasn't been outside yet. I am dreading it but I did buy knee and elbow pads and wrist guards to go with them. lol

Kids opening their Christmas presents 1
Kids opening their Christmas presents 2

Just after the kids had finished opening their presents my dad rang. It was strange not seeing him Christmas day but nice to speak to him on the phone. He needed help setting up his new TV. It connects to the internet and he's not the best when it comes to things like that. He finally got it working. He rang a couple of times throughout the day and it sounds like he had a lovely day.

For years all I have wanted for Christmas is a fancy coffee machine and for years Stu and I haven't done big presents. I didn't think we were this year but he surprised me with a Dolce Gusto one. I love it!

Dolce Gusto coffee machine

Christmas dinner was perfect. Probably the best I've ever cooked and the kids and Stu agreed too. We had a ton of leftovers which lasted us all weekend which I did plan. Nobody wants to be cooking more than they have to over Christmas. We have stuffed ourselves silly on leftover Christmas dinner, trifle, cakes, sweets and we still have the Christmas pudding to eat.

Eating Christmas dinner

It wasn't the Christmas we had planned but we had a fantastic time just the four of us. The girls got everything they wanted and more, I stayed in my pj's all day and drank plenty of Bucks Fizz and as a family we spent some quality time together.

Since Christmas day we haven't done much at all. We've played plenty of board games and argued about them. Ate all the leftovers, had lunches of random things out of the fridge and again spent time enjoying each others company. It's been the best!

I hope you all had a great Christmas and Santa was good you!

Monday 28 December 2020

Our weekly meal plan! 28th December - 3rd January. #MealPlanningMonday

Our Weekly Meal plan

Last weeks meal plan went great, of course it did it was Christmas food and lots of snacky food. lol I hope you all had a great Christmas. 

We have nothing at all on this week. Stu is still of work and the girls are of course still off school and college. We did get word that Ellie will be doing home learning until at least the 8th of January, that should be fun trying to get out of Christmas mode back into school mode without her actually going to school.

This week see's us going into 2021! Eek! I really hope it is better than this year, it has to be, surely? Happy New Year!!

On the menu this week we have:

Monday - Spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread.
Tuesday - Leftover bolognese in wraps.
Wednesday - Fish, chips and mushy peas.
Thursday - Party food.
Friday - A roast beef dinner!
Saturday - Chinese takeaway.
Sunday - A fry up. Sausages, bacon, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, baked beans and toast.

What are you eating this week?

Sunday 27 December 2020

Our matching Christmas PJ's. #MySundayPhoto

Our Christmas Eve was lovely. I was busy in the kitchen, the kids and my fella did all the housework and it was just nice. We all had a bath and all got new pj's. It's the first year we've all matched and the girls loved it. It was nice to get a photo of us all together. It only took about 6 attempts to get us all looking at the camera. lol

I hope you all had a great Christmas!

My family in matching pj's.
My Sunday Photo linky

Saturday 26 December 2020

Week 52 of #Project366 - A photo every day for a year!

Merry Christmas again! I hope you all had a fantastic day yesterday! We did, in fact we had a great week. It was lovely and relaxed with the kids home from school and college and Stu home from work. Yesterday it was just the 4 of us but it was lovely. We all got some great presents, ate too much and just enjoyed each others company.

Now for a photo every day!

My eldest wrapping xmas presents and my online food shop
The Christmas tree in town
My girls back from the shop and prepping veg
My girls doing cheers with some fancy glasses

347/366 - 19th December
It's just typical I get through all of the year without missing a photo and get nearly to the end and miss a day. Oops. I didn't take any photos at all on Saturday. There was no reason, we were just busy and having family time.

348/366 - 20th December
Becky is starting to understand that preparing for Christmas is hard work when you're an adult. She was wrapping more presents. I said it's her own fault for having so many friends. lol

349/366 - 21st December
I finally finished doing the online Christmas food shop. It was the important one with all the fresh stuff. The veg for the Christmas dinner, snacky food and cream. Just about everything came. What didn't was substituted which was no big deal.

350/366 - 22nd December
The Christmas tree in town. It's the first photo I've got of it. I haven't been going out much lately.

351/366 - 23rd December
On the wettest day of the week and probably the month the kids decided they wanted to go for a walk out and went to the shop to get some hot chocolate out of the Costa machine. Crazy things. They came in soaked. Ellie was showing us how wet her feet were, I thought from her trainers leaking, no from jumping in puddles. lol

352/366 - 24th December
Christmas eve was spent prepping the veg, cooking the meat and getting ready for the big day. I don't know why I bother with the sprouts, the kids won't eat them but I always put a couple on their plate. When I was their age I hated them but now I love them. We only ever have them on Christmas day though.

353/366 - 25th December
We had a lovely day yesterday and the Christmas dinner was amazing! I think it's the best one I've ever made! The girls loved the fancy glasses that I bought. I had to tell them to be careful though when they kept clinking them together saying cheers. lol

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Friday 25 December 2020

This week my Word of the Week is: Christmas Day! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

Christmas Day

The big day is finally here. Merry Christmas! I hope whatever you are doing today you have a lovely time. It's going to be different for a lot of us. We were supposed to be spending it with my dad and his partner but we're trying to stay safe from Coronavirus even though my dad and Sarah have had it we decided to stay apart.

We've have had a good week. All the food shopping was delivered, there were substitutes but nothing that really mattered. We dropped the presents to my dad and his partner and had a 5 minute catch up. It was good to see him. He looks so well considering just a few weeks ago we were so worried about him when he was so ill. He said he actually feels better now than he did before he was poorly. He said he feels like he's had a fancy detox. 

A big box was delivered on Wednesday, my Christmas present from Stu. As of writing this I still don't know what it is apart from it came from Curry's. I imagine by now we've already opened all of the presents. It's the one day of the year where the kids don't like to sleep in. The excitement is just too much. Of course there will be a selection box for breakfast and we're planning on staying in our pj's all day, there's no getting dressed up today. 

I'm doing the cooking. Christmas dinner is the one meal out of the whole year that I actually enjoy cooking. I did cook the meat and some of the veg yesterday. I just have the roast potatoes and the veg I prepped yesterday to cook. I think the glasses of Bucks Fizz will help me along. With the amount of food we have there will be plenty of leftovers to feed us for the next few days.

Today will all be about eating, drinking, setting up new electronics, watching TV and playing games.

Merry Christmas and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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Thursday 24 December 2020

This is what we'll be doing today. Christmas Eve!

It's Christmas eve, hasn't it came around quickly. Just about everything is ready for the big day and I am feeling pretty prepared. We don't have any massive plans for today but we do have some things to do to keep us busy.

Christmas Eve biscuits

The kids and Stu will be cleaning the house. We usually have a big clean on a Saturday but it's being done a couple of days early. All of the washing will be put away and all of the clutter that the kids keep leaving downstairs will be taken up to their bedrooms.

Ellie has decided she wants the job of laying the table for Christmas and I am happy to let her get on with it. At least this year we don't have to get the big table out of the garage like we did last year when my dad and his partner came for Christmas dinner.

While the kids and Stu are doing the cleaning I will be making a start on cooking the turkey, stuffing and preparing the veg. I have bought some of the veg pre-prepared but the carrots need peeling, parsnips peeling and par-boiling and I think I might make the mash in advance. Stu brought the little fridge in from the garage the other day so thankfully there is plenty of room to store things.

Before tea we are going to go for a walk into town to see all the Christmas lights and probably go to the shop and pick up any last minute things we need.

When we get home we will change into our new Christmas eve pj's that I bought from Asda. We're all matching this year. Usually I only manage to get the kids matching but this year I struck lucky getting the pj's. The kids and I have the Merry & Bright one's and Stu has the Keeping it Merry one's.

Christmas eve pjs

We were going to get a Chinese takeaway but didn't want to risk them being too busy and us eating late so we're having a party tea instead. I ordered some extra treats with the food shop earlier this week. Pigs in duvets, chicken satay sticks, Christmas cupcakes and some crisps and nuts.

We have decided that we will be opening a few presents after we've had tea. The presents that my dad and his partner have given us and the one's Becky's girlfriend has given us. It is purely for the reason that they are my only surprises and I can't wait. hehehe

Now that my girls don't believe in Santa it makes Christmas a lot less stressful. They are quite happy now to go to bed on Christmas eve at about half past 10 to give Stu and I some time to chill before we bring the presents downstairs. Ellie's are going under the tree this year as there is more room there, hers are bulkier than Becky's and Becky's presents will be going at the other side of the fireplace.

Stu and I will have a final tidy up around the house and hopefully we'll be in bed by midnight ready for the big day!

What do you do on Christmas eve?

Wednesday 23 December 2020

What I am looking forward to watching on TV over Christmas.

 One of my favourite things about Christmas is all the fantastic shows that are on TV. Of course the soaps pull out all the stops but it's the Christmas specials that I love.

A Christmas tree next to a TV

These are some that I am looking forward to watching over the next few days!

Worzel Gummidge: Saucy Nancy.
BBC1. Christmas Eve at 5.55pm.

The loveable scarecrow, played by MacKenzie Crook is set for a new adventure which starts with Worzel, Susan and John going to a scrapyard. They soon stumble on an old friend of Worzel’s, Saucy Nancy, who’s a carved ship’s figurehead, is desperate to get back to the sea. Can Worzel and the kids get her back to the ocean?

Roald & Beatrix: The Tail of the Curious Mouse.
Sky One and NOW TV, Christmas Eve at 8.15pm

Roald & Beatrix, the tail of the curious mouse, a heart-warming Christmas film inspired by the true encounter between a six-year-old Roald Dahl and his idol Beatrix Potter. A magical story of what really can happen when you are brave enough to follow your dreams.

Zog and the Flying Doctors.
BBC1, Christmas Day at 2.35pm

Animation Zog was a festive hit last year and now the loveable dragon is back in Zog and the Flying Doctors. Based on the story by Julia Donaldson and illustrator Axel Scheffler, it follows Zog, Pearl and Gadabout, who are now a flying doctor trio. Pearl, though, is captured by her uncle, the King. Zog and Gadabout try and fail to rescue her. Meanwhile, Pearl decides to say in the palace and care for the ill King.

Strictly: The Christmas Countdown.
BBC1, Christmas Day at 4.45pm

Revealing the 25 most memorable dances of all time voted for by the viewers - from the perfect 40’s, the trophy-winning routines, dances that have made us laugh, and perhaps some that are remembered for other reasons - this show will have it all.

The Great Christmas Bake Off
CH4. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at 7.40pm.

Paul Hollywood, Prue Leith and Matt Lucas are joined by Bake Off: The Professionals host Tom Allen as they celebrate Christmas in the famous white tent. Also invited to the celebrations are Jamie and Rosie from 2019, Ruby from 2018 and James from 2017, all back and ready to battle in the festive fight for the Christmas Star Baker title.

Call the Midwife Christmas special.
BBC1, Christmas Day at 7.40pm

Sister Monica Joan is rushed to hospital, while Trixie is less than impressed to receive a subscription to a Marriage Bureau as a Christmas present. Meanwhile, the circus is in town as ex Time Lord Peter Davison plays Mr Percival the Ringmaster.

Britain's Got Talent at Christmas.
ITV. Christmas Day at 8pm

Britain's Got Talent doesn't normally put on a Christmas special - but this year is an exception. Judges Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, David Walliams and Ashley Banjo will look back at some of the most memorable acts from the show overall, which has been on the air for fourteen years. As always, the show will be hosted by the dynamic duo, Ant and Dec.

The Story of SM:TV Live
ITV, Boxing Day at 9.25am.

SM:TV returns from television heaven for one morning only, complete with original presenters Cat Deeley, Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly. It is 17 years since the boisterous children’s show graced ITV and the trio will remember their favourite moments from “Wonkey Donkey” to “Chums” while reviving their brand of silly Saturday morning fun.

Big Fat Quiz Of The Year 2020.
Ch4. Boxing Day at 9:05pm

To celebrate the welcome dawn of another year, Jimmy Carr puts a panel of top celebrity teams to test as he presents his big, fat and fiendishly difficult quiz. As always, Jimmy will be ably assisted by a whole host of superstar question setters including Mitchell Brook Primary School, Charles Dance and Jon Snow as the teams battle it out to see who can remember most about the last twelve months

Doctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks.
BBC1New Year’s Day at 6.45pm.

The last thing the Earth needs while the Doctor is locked in a high-security alien prison is a Dalek invasion, but that’s exactly what we are getting. It is up to her companions Yaz, Ryan and Graham to save the day so thank goodness John Barrowman’s Captain Jack Harkness turns up, just in the nick of time.

What are you looking forward to watching on TV over Christmas?

Tuesday 22 December 2020

Some different types of mince pies to bake!

Mince pies might be one of my favourite things about Christmas. I have been eating at least once a day since early November and more recently I have been having a mince pie warmed in the microwave with Bailey's extra thick cream poured over the top. It's amazing!

Classic mince pies

I will be making some classic, traditional mice pies this week. I will be cheating a little using ready rolled pastry and mincemeat out of a jar but they still taste so good knowing I've mostly made them myself.

There is many different varieties of mince pies inspired treats for all tastes. Here are some of the best I've found!

Chocolate Orange Mince Pies.

Classic mince pies with a wonderful chocolate orange twist. Serves 12...if you manage to stop at one! Chocolate orange seems to have made a big comeback this year and I am loving it! 

Mince pie crumble traybake.

This mince pie crumble traybake combines two of the most comforting winter treats: mince pies and crumble! This traybake is perfect for sharing, so a great way to keep in touch or say thank you to a loved one this Christmas. The pistachios on top make a beautiful decoration.

Mince pie cookies.

Love mince pies? Be sure to add these festive biscuits to your Christmas baking list, combining cookies with mincemeat, dark chocolate and cinnamon flavours.

Bakewell mince pies recipe.

These tasty Bakewell mince pies not only look impressive they taste great too. This recipe makes 21 to 24 pies.

Brownie mince pies.

A fun take on a classic, these brownie mince pies will disappear even quicker than the original kind.

Will you be making any mince pies in the run up to Christmas?

Monday 21 December 2020

Our weekly meal plan! 21st - 27th December. #MealPlanningMonday

Our Weekly Meal Plan

It's Christmas, well almost! How exciting!

I usually write my meal planning post on a Friday before the post goes live but with this one I knew exactly what we'd be eating so I wrote it last week when I wrote my last meal plan.

I have the Christmas food shop coming tomorrow with all the fresh food. I am not to worried about things not being available because my dad will be going into town and has said he can pick up anything we need. Phew! 

There will be a lot of picky party food this week and by that I mean sausage rolls, cocktail sausages, mini scotch eggs, cheese, tomatoes, crisps, cakes, etc, etc. 

On the menu this week we have:

Monday - Sausage, egg and chips.
Tuesday - A Prawn cocktail salad.
WednesdayPicky party food. Sausage rolls, sandwiches, cakes, crisps.
Thursday - A Chinese takeaway.
Friday - Turkey and all the trimmings!
Saturday - Leftovers and picky party food.
Sunday - More leftovers and picky party food.

What are you eating this week?

Sunday 20 December 2020

Decorating their gingerbread houses & a little hair dye. #MySundayPhoto

On Friday after Ellie had finished school for the year we had planned a couple of treats. I had said Ellie could dye her hair, just half of it and both the girls could decorate their gingerbread houses. I mentioned to Becky it could be her last year decorating one, she'll be 19 this time next year but has said that it doesn't matter, even after she's left home she will come back home to do one. lol

They had fantastic fun and at least while Ellie was decorating the gingerbread house she was sat still while she had hair dye on and not decorating our house with it. hehehe I am really hoping the school say for the first week back the kids will be doing home learning so it washes out. 

My girls decorating gingerbread houses
decorated gingerbread houses
Youngest with dyed hair

Saturday 19 December 2020

Week 51 of #Project366 - A photo every day for a year!

Here we are the week before Christmas! We're just about ready for the big day. All we're waiting for is the food shopping delivery next week. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that everything arrives.

I am so glad my girls made it to school holidays without having to self isolate again. I feel like I can relax a little now. We can easily spend the next few weeks keeping our distance from people.

We've had a good week apart from the little blip of Ellie bunking off PE at school. She hid in the toilets with her friend and then decided to go for a walk around school and bumped straight into their head of year. I couldn't help but laugh. Her and her friend were given a red warning, a detention and a good telling off from the teacher and a talking too from me. I could have come down hard on her but to be honest we've all done it before and I don't think I could have told her off with a straight face.

Now for a photo every day!

A Christmas card and a snowflake decoration on the window
Wrapping presents while watching Avengers: Infinity War
My girls looking at the laptop and a rainy window
Hair dye and my youngest ready for school

340/366 - 12th December
Our first Christmas card was delivered through the post and it was from Ann who blogs at Rasie Bay.

341/366 - 13th December
There wasn't much to take a photo of on Sunday. We watched about 5 films and didn't really move much. lol It was the perfect day to stay inside with all the rain.

342/366 - 14th December
I wrapped the last of the presents while watching a Avengers: Infinity War. It's deja vu. lol I wrapped presents last year on week 51 watching an Avengers film!

343/366 - 15th December
My girls love to argue but they do have moments like this one where they're as thick as thieves.

344/366 - 16th December
Another rainy day!

345/366 - 17th December
I stocked up on hair dye. Mine needs doing again, I don't know whether just to top up the blue, go red again or try one of the new one's I bought Tulip or Lilac. Ellie's is the turquoise one which we used last night on her. There's bound to be a photo on Instagram.

346/366 - 18th December
It was a non-uniform day at school and also the last day of the year. Hooray.

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Friday 18 December 2020

This week my Word of the Week is: Ready! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

I think we're just about ready for Christmas. Hooray and the kids are getting more and more excited with every day that passes and I am too.

I finally finished all of the present wrapping this week! What a difference from years gone by where Stu and I would still be wrapping presents late on Christmas eve night. I have even filled the stockings with all the little presents. I did get a little help from Becky, she wrapped some of the presents for my dad and his partner. hehehe 

The Christmas cards have been posted, whether they get there on time is yet to be seen. Our post has been so hit and miss over the past week. We've had 2 letters for next door posted here and someone from up the road dropped a letter off for us that went to their house. I still have a parcel to post for my great Aunt but the post office was closed because the person who runs it had to self isolate. It's fine though, she's happy to wait until January.

I have added and removed things from the food shop order, mostly added. We're not seeing family and friends so I have bought a few extra treats for us. I think it's just about done. I will check once again the day before the shopping is delivered to see what has gone out of stock and isn't available and add alternatives but I've done all I can with that for the time being. .

It's Ellie's last day at school and I am so ready for her to finish. I had a phone call from school this week and thought it was to say she has to self isolate but it was for something else. Phew! She is looking forward to today. There has been talk of having pizzas in tutor time, it's a non uniform day and I am sure there'll be more treats throughout the day.

Tonight we are going to be making the gingerbread houses and Ellie wants her hair dyed. I've said she could with it being the holidays, just the ends though. She's going turquoise. I might do mine too. I don't know whether to stay blue or go back to red. That's a little bit more festive. hehehe

We have a few plans for over the next week. Go for a walk to the woods to see the decorated trees, get a Costa coffee from the new machine in our little Tesco, do some baking, take my dad his birthday presents and of course his Christmas pressies too. 

If I don't speak to you before next week I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!