Tuesday 22 December 2020

Some different types of mince pies to bake!

Mince pies might be one of my favourite things about Christmas. I have been eating at least once a day since early November and more recently I have been having a mince pie warmed in the microwave with Bailey's extra thick cream poured over the top. It's amazing!

Classic mince pies

I will be making some classic, traditional mice pies this week. I will be cheating a little using ready rolled pastry and mincemeat out of a jar but they still taste so good knowing I've mostly made them myself.

There is many different varieties of mince pies inspired treats for all tastes. Here are some of the best I've found!

Chocolate Orange Mince Pies.

Classic mince pies with a wonderful chocolate orange twist. Serves 12...if you manage to stop at one! Chocolate orange seems to have made a big comeback this year and I am loving it! 

Mince pie crumble traybake.

This mince pie crumble traybake combines two of the most comforting winter treats: mince pies and crumble! This traybake is perfect for sharing, so a great way to keep in touch or say thank you to a loved one this Christmas. The pistachios on top make a beautiful decoration.

Mince pie cookies.

Love mince pies? Be sure to add these festive biscuits to your Christmas baking list, combining cookies with mincemeat, dark chocolate and cinnamon flavours.

Bakewell mince pies recipe.

These tasty Bakewell mince pies not only look impressive they taste great too. This recipe makes 21 to 24 pies.

Brownie mince pies.

A fun take on a classic, these brownie mince pies will disappear even quicker than the original kind.

Will you be making any mince pies in the run up to Christmas?


  1. I made some mini mince pies on Tuesday, but there are only four left, so as I've still got half a jar of mincemeat, will probably make some more at the weekend. We've definitely got more than enough other food to eat for Christmas. I like these variants you've found

  2. Oh yum bakewell mince pies sound right up my street X