Friday 18 December 2020

This week my Word of the Week is: Ready! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

I think we're just about ready for Christmas. Hooray and the kids are getting more and more excited with every day that passes and I am too.

I finally finished all of the present wrapping this week! What a difference from years gone by where Stu and I would still be wrapping presents late on Christmas eve night. I have even filled the stockings with all the little presents. I did get a little help from Becky, she wrapped some of the presents for my dad and his partner. hehehe 

The Christmas cards have been posted, whether they get there on time is yet to be seen. Our post has been so hit and miss over the past week. We've had 2 letters for next door posted here and someone from up the road dropped a letter off for us that went to their house. I still have a parcel to post for my great Aunt but the post office was closed because the person who runs it had to self isolate. It's fine though, she's happy to wait until January.

I have added and removed things from the food shop order, mostly added. We're not seeing family and friends so I have bought a few extra treats for us. I think it's just about done. I will check once again the day before the shopping is delivered to see what has gone out of stock and isn't available and add alternatives but I've done all I can with that for the time being. .

It's Ellie's last day at school and I am so ready for her to finish. I had a phone call from school this week and thought it was to say she has to self isolate but it was for something else. Phew! She is looking forward to today. There has been talk of having pizzas in tutor time, it's a non uniform day and I am sure there'll be more treats throughout the day.

Tonight we are going to be making the gingerbread houses and Ellie wants her hair dyed. I've said she could with it being the holidays, just the ends though. She's going turquoise. I might do mine too. I don't know whether to stay blue or go back to red. That's a little bit more festive. hehehe

We have a few plans for over the next week. Go for a walk to the woods to see the decorated trees, get a Costa coffee from the new machine in our little Tesco, do some baking, take my dad his birthday presents and of course his Christmas pressies too. 

If I don't speak to you before next week I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


  1. Just a week to go!! We are almost ready (I still have wrapping to do) I've done my cards and the shopping is in the trolley which can be altered over the next few days. My eldest daughter is going a bit mad requesting vodka, advocaat, mulled wine and Baileys ( which I already have) and none of us really drink much so I think she's planning a party on her own in her bedroom...haha. I hope Ellie enjoys her last day and the next week passes peacefully for you xx

  2. Being ready for Christmas is such a nice feeling isn't it? I'm almost there - just a couple more busy days to get the last things done and then I can stop and relax! Hope you had fun making your gingerbread houses and wishing you all a very merry Christmas. #WotW