Thursday 10 December 2020

The top things we forget every Christmas!

There is a lot to think about when organising Christmas. Every year in the run up to the big day there is always things that I forget to buy or things that I forget to do, they're the simple things which are obvious but always slip my mind. I am sure I am not alone.

A Christmas present and a shopping trolley.

This year don't forget:

To buy the batteries!
You can guarantee that if I remember to buy the batteries I will forget about that random toy which needs the really big batteries or smallest ones and I will forget them.

To buy the sellotape!
I am organised and usually have all the wrapping done well before Christmas. hehehe I do however have to have a couple of shopping trips to remember to buy the wrapping paper in the first place.

The tinfoil for the turkey!
Yep! I have forgotten this plenty of times!

To fill the ice cube trays!
I used to be really bad at this especially with the freezer full of frozen food to eat over Christmas. There was little room for ice cube trays but last year I reviewed a handy little gadget the Icebreaker Pop where you fill the bottle like container with water, freeze it and then pull it apart and the ice cubes are made. No need to worry about spillages.

The napkins for the dinner table!
I buy them every year, just paper one's but always forget to put them out on the table.

Wrapping paper for last minute gifts!
I always overbuy wrapping paper. I would rather have too much than not enough. I have in the past had to wrap presents for my nephew in pink paper that he wasn't too impressed with. (He was about 7 or 8 at the time. lol)

The Christmas crackers!
I don't think I would be forgiven if I ever forgot the Christmas crackers. I have come close before and we've had to make do with really nasty one's. I've learned my lesson.

Buy presents for random people!
Ahh! I always buy a couple of extra presents, a bath set of smellies, a box of chocolates and some selection boxes, just in case. There is always someone who decides to drop a present off which I'm not expecting.

The gravy!
Never! Gravy is one thing we never run out of in this house.

To leave a mince pie out for Father Christmas!
My girls still do this now and it's something we never forget.

To buy the turkey trimmings - cranberry, apple, mint, bread sauce!
I have had to send Stu out on Christmas eve to get random things for the Christmas dinner. It wouldn't be the same without them.

To buy/put on the Christmas jumper!
I always used to forget to get the kids a Christmas jumper for Christmas jumper day at school but one year we were sent a couple to review and they lasted a good few years. Even when Becky had grown out of hers it was passed down to Ellie and last year I bought Ellie one in a couple of sizes too big so it lasts.

To turn the oven on!
Yes! I have done this plenty of times.

To put the vegetables on!
Yep. I've forgot to turn them off too and burnt the water dry. Oops.

Is there something you always forget to buy or do in the run up to Christmas?


  1. great list Kim, I've just added a few to my to do list. I guess it's about time I made one. I still have an unopened jar of cranberry sauce in my cupboard from last Christmas and Graham still has his individual Christmas pudding (just two of us eat it...I guess it's just one now!) I'm going to buy a big one and eat it all myself, even if I have to save some for breakfast on boxing day :)

  2. Thank you for these tips. We are going into full lockdown on Wednesday and I am trying to remember everything before all the shops close! Good tip about the batteries!!


  3. Sellotape is definitely the thing I always used to forget. I use ribbons now which I bring out each year. The extra presents too. I always get caught out. #mmbc

  4. My in laws used to gift us a huge box of batteries of all sizes when my boys were little and since we celebrated with them a week before Christmas it was the perfect gift! I would never have thought of buying so many batteries for all their toys. #MMBC