Tuesday 8 December 2020

Our Christmas Bucket list 2020.

Christmas is going to be so different this year. We won't be spending time with family, there will be no meals out, no going to the local carol singing, no going into town just for a look about or having drinks with friends. It seems pretty depressing when we list all the things we can't do so I'm going to make the extra effort to make Christmas extra special this year!

Christmas decorations

Go for a walk locally and see all the Christmas lights. - People are making such an effort around here and I've only seen the lights switched off, during the day so it would be nice to see them all lit up.

Get all the present wrapping done before the kids break up from school!

Play plenty of board games as a family!

Make home made Christmas cards - My great Aunt loved the cards and letters we've sent since the pandemic started so we're going to send her more for Christmas plus the tea towel I was sent to review from Asda Photo.

Watch a Christmas film everyday - I've have done every day for the last week so I'm happy to keep up with that. hehehe There's plenty on Netflix to keep me going and I'm saving the best one's to watch with the kids on a weekend or when they've finished school.

Bake mince pies!

Make Gingerbread Houses - We do this every year but this year I bought a kit where we make it all from scratch as in actually baking the gingerbread ourselves. Eek.

Sing Christmas karaoke (at home of course).

Try a new hot chocolate recipe - Something different from just chocolate. A peppermint one maybe or a peanut butter one.

Get a takeaway on Christmas eve!

Not have to rush out for any last minute things on Christmas Eve - This year I am determined to remember everything!

Get a takeaway on Christmas eve!

Convince my dad to go on video chat on Christmas day - My dad isn't great with technology but as it's a special occasion I think I might be able to convince him to show us his face online. hehehe

Spend at least 3 days over Christmas in my pj's - We don't have anywhere to go so staying comfy and cosy is a must!

What plans do you have to do in the run up to Christmas?


  1. I have to say that I'm quite pleased we can't have our usual Christmas Eve party for the family. As much as I love seeing everyone, it's a lot of work making sure the house is spotless, moving all the furniture trying to make more space for everyone to fit in and cooking all the food for the buffet tea.
    This year we can just have a relaxing Christmas Eve :)
    We've got a few activities booked like having a picnic in front of the Christmas tree, going for a walk to look at the lights and having our traditional North Pole Breakfast which we're all looking forward to. It's going to be a laid back Christmas for us!

  2. Yes to all of this! What a fab Christmas bucket list. I'm sure you will be able to convince your dad to do a video call. He might even have a few drinkies with you! He definitely deserves it after what he's been through.
    Pj's all over Christmas is a must in our house. I might change just to go for a walk but they go straight back on afterwards haha! xx