Thursday 17 December 2020

How I have been food shopping early for Christmas!

Christmas food is the best thing. The dinner is my favourite meal of the year and we pig out on party food and snacks for about a week! I love everything about the Christmas food. The planning, buying, cooking, eating and of course all of the leftovers. Every year we have near enough the same for our Christmas dinner, turkey with all the trimmings and this year is no different.

Even though we have the same every year I have been planning it for a couple of months. I needed to knowing my dad probably couldn't take me shopping with Covid and everything that's going on so I knew I had to get a Christmas delivery slot which I did with Tesco for the 22nd. I'd have preferred the 23rd but it will do. 

I started the Christmas food shopping last week when I bought the meat and roast potatoes from Iceland. I got the 2.2kg Iceland Perfect Turkey Crown. I got the same one last year and it was delicious. There's only the 4 of us for Christmas dinner but I do love using the leftovers over the following days. I also got a joint of pork and the roast potatoes. We don't mind frozen one's they're way better than what I can make myself.

As well as the meat and potatoes I also bought the pigs in blankets and a ton of party food from Iceland. I do think they have the best range and some of the deals, 3 things for £5.00 and they do big packs of various things. I can't wait to try the Fish & Chip cones and Mini Hot Dog Rolls. We have had the dessert platter before but this year they've swapped the mini doughnuts for some Coconut Macaroons and we love the Indian Style platter.

Fish & Chip Cones and Mini hot dog rolls.
Dessert and Indian snack platter.

I did have another food shop booked with Asda on the 20th but decided to cancel that and to get all the non-fresh stuff last week. My dad had mentioned how there were queues to get into the supermarkets late last week so I decided to get a head start.

I ordered the drinks, Christmas cake, tinned, jarred things like mint and cranberry sauce, biscuits, crisps, all the snacky food and maybe a few extra selection boxes. There were a few substitutions but I can hopefully get them on my next order on the 22nd.

My Tesco shop on the 22nd hopefully will have all the fresh stuff like the veg, cream, cakes, ham, breakfast pastries and of course the usual bread and milk.

I am cheating when it comes to the veg for Christmas day. I will be ordering pre-prepared veg. Sliced carrots, peeled potatoes and ready to cook Brussel sprouts. The only thing I will be making from scratch is the roast parsnips. I like them my way. Thick and chunky. 

I am keeping my fingers crossed everything is delivered and if it isn't our local shops have everything we need in. Eek! I'm not worrying too much as at the moment I am feeling pretty prepared.

Have you done any Christmas food shopping yet?


  1. I am seriously considering some treats from Iceland, they do some great nibbles and stuff. I have shop booked at Sainsburys on 21st and my Turkey is fresh and will be picked up on the 23rd. My daughter wants to drag my husband around the shops the weekend for alcohol and treats. I don't know why we need all this stuff really. But there will not be much else to do but eat and watch tv. xx

  2. You are organised but to be fair all I need vegetables. Iceland have some fab deals right now as well :)