Friday 11 December 2020

This week my Word of the Week is: Ups and Downs. #WotW

 This week my Word of the Week is:

Ups and Downs

It's more a phrase this week than a word. The first half of the week was rubbish but as it's gone on it has got better. It should have really been downs and ups but that didn't sound right. Oh well.

On Saturday we heard the devastating news that a family friend had passed away from Coronavirus. My heart is breaking for her daughter, Ellie's best friend. We are all shocked so I can't imagine how Ellie's friend is feeling. Ellie was of course upset but we've talked lots about it during the week and she's OK. There has been a lot of cuddles and family time.

Hearing the news about our friend scared me. I have felt like not leaving the house. Stu and I were supposed to be going into town on Monday but I said no, what is the point of sitting on a bus with a bunch of strangers for 20 minutes there and 20 minutes back, putting ourselves at risk just for a few extra Christmas presents.

I only really needed some pj's for us all, a jumper for my dad, a few boxes of biscuits and a few selection boxes which I've managed to get online this week. I've probably paid a bit more than I would have in town but I feel like I've kept us safe and didn't have to pay the bus fare so money wise have probably broke even. I actually got us some matching pj's for Christmas eve from George at Asda, online. The Keeping it Merry Slogan Check Christmas Pyjamas. I ordered my dad a jumper from there too.

The selection boxes & biscuits came with the shopping from Iceland on Thursday along with all the frozen stuff for Christmas including the meat for the dinner and party food. After getting the frozen food shop delivered yesterday I got a bit carried away with being organised and I have another shop coming today, this time from Morrisons with all the drinks, tinned, jarred and cupboard stuff. We're at the point in the year now where I am telling the kids not to eat or drink anything without asking me first. Hopefully by 10am today I will have a cupboard full of crisps, Christmas cake and pudding, lots of fizzy pop and two kids who are begging to eat all the treats. hehehe

Becky has spent the week at home, no college for her as she is self isolating. Someone in the health and social care/childcare department tested positive for Coronavirus. From what Becky has found out it isn't anyone that she's spent time with in class but they're giving the whole department a big clean and have said there will be no more "in college" lessons this year, it will all be home learning. She's fine with that but is gutted that on the last day she won't be getting cake off her teacher and to see her friends but the sensible side of her has realised that staying home from college is reducing the risk of her or us catching Coronavirus.

Stu is back into the swing of going to work. His hours have changed again. He's starting earlier in the day and finishing earlier, before it gets dark so at least I don't have to worry about him cycling home on the busy road when it's pitch black outside.

I have spent the week not doing much at all apart from complaining about the cold, entering lots of online competitions, none of which I've won and watching shows on Netflix. Emily in Paris was brilliant and I can't wait for another series and The Good Place which was not what I expected when I started watching it. It was hilarious and the I didn't see all the twists coming. I did cry most of the way through the last episode but it was worth it! 

How has your week been?


  1. I loved The Good Place, I think I cried a lot through the last episode too, but I don't think I've ever felt so happy about people dying before! It certainly makes you think twice when the COVID virus hits so close. I think you did right staying safe. I worry every time my husband leaves the house. I only have the Little Man in school but he's in a bubble of just 15 and doesn't mix with any of the rest of the school. He's having his Christmas dinner today and has gone in his Christmas jumper. x

  2. I am so sorry to read about your friend. It makes you wonder doesn't it, and I don't blame you for not leaving the house and staying safe x Karen - Early Rising Mum