Tuesday 1 December 2020

What I loved in November 2020!

November wasn't the greatest month with my dad testing positive for Coronavirus and us having to self isolate but it made it even more important to find little things that make me happy! By the end of the months things had turned themselves around, my dad is on the mend and now we're getting excited for Christmas.

A great support network.
With my dad being ill and us having to self isolate I have realised how many people we have here that care about my family. There was offers to go to the shop for us, people picked up my dad's prescriptions and helped out wherever they could. It was so nice to know we are not alone and we have people that we can rely on.

The US election.
What a drama. I followed the news and took great interest in the US election. I went to bed the night the votes were started to be counted and expected a result when I woke up. hahaha How foolish of me. It dragged on for days and I discovered the news channel CNN which was a completely different view of the news from Sky. I was so glad to see Joe Biden win and what a refreshing change he is already! 

Stranger Things.
I have seen the 1st and 2nd series before but never the 3rd. I decided to watch the whole lot again and I'm glad I did. I had forgotten so much! I wasn't impressed with the 3rd series at first, it was a bit slow to get going but after the 4th episode it was action all of the way. One of the most surreal moments happened in the last episode, Dustin singing Neverending Story. It really did make me smile.

My birthday!
In April I did laugh when it was my dad's partners birthday and she had to have it in a lockdown. There was no way I thought we would be in the same position this far into the year. I had a lovely day despite not going anywhere or seeing anyone. I got some lovely cards and presents and of course had cake. hehehe

Preparing for Christmas.
The Christmas present buying is all done, I say that but will probably buy the kids more because I do like to spoil them. I just have the wrapping to do. I did make a start over the weekend but there's still plenty to do. Eek! I have 2 grocery shop deliveries booked. I booked Tesco to be delivered on the 22nd and then realised I could only order 95 items which would be no good when at least 10 of those items will be parsnips. lol I prefer to buy loose one's as they're always bigger. So I managed to get one with Asda where I'll get the cupboard and freezer stuff.

The Crown.
I was late getting into The Crown and I've watched it all this year. What a show! I know it's based on fact and part exaggerated and I found myself pausing it lots and Googling things. Did Diana dance on stage, did Camilla and Di meet up for lunch and did that man really break into the Queens bedroom. Wow! I wanted to hate Camilla but couldn't, I still can't stand Prince Charles and Princess Diana wasn't an angle but she was treated awfully.

How was November for you? Did you find many things to love?


  1. Now that the election drama is done we just started watching The Crown here, just making our way through season one. Can't wait for what's to come.

  2. I had a lockdown birthday too, as did my eldest daughter. The last time we went out for a meal was my son's birthday in January! I'm so jealous that you have all your Christmas shopping done. I don't know what to get my girls, they are being really awkward. I'm waiting for them to turn around in the week before Christmas and give me a big list of things they want...of course it'll be too late then. I've got the food shopping sorted though. Every week until Christmas, and my turkey is on order for Graham to pick up. x

  3. It's nice that you had the support when your dad was poorly. It makes such a difference having a little back up doesn't it?! I hope his recovery is going well.
    I have an afternoon of wrapping planned. I'm going to hide away in our bedroom, make a hot chocolate and pop on a Christmas film while I get stuck in!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. x