Saturday 5 December 2020

Week 49 of #Project366 - A photo every day for a year!

Writing this blog post every week is a big reminder how quickly this year is going! We're into December and week 49 which seems so close to the end of the year.

We've had a good week. I finally started wrapping presents and have over half done now! I feel like I am so prepared for Christmas. Next week I am going to start ordering the Christmas food. We've been emptying the freezer to make room for the meat and party food.

Now for a photo every day! 

Gingerbread doughnuts.
My eldest on her laptop and my laptop doing an update.
A tealight candle and chocolate out of my advent calendar
The fireplace on the TV
A few presents wrapped and new work boots for my fella

326/366 - 28th November
Gingerbread doughnuts should be a thing all year around! They're so good and such a fantastic price. 50p for 5.

327/366 - 29th November
Sunday was a lazy day. Films and computers all day.

328/366 - 30th November
Silly me clicked update now for the latest Windows update! What a pain especially when I had things to do on my laptop. It took a good couple of hours to finish but at least I got all the housework done.

329/366 - 1st December
I love December. Every morning we get treats from the advent calendars. I've had a new little scented candle every day and a fancy chocolate.

330/366 - 2nd December
I love the fireplace thing on Netflix. I had it on the other day and the kids thought I was mad. 

331/366 - 3rd December
I got all of Ellie's presents wrapped. It took a good couple of hours but I think she's going to be happy on Christmas day.

332/366 - 4th December
New work boots for my fella. He realised on Thursday, hit first day back to work after the latest lockdown that his old one's leaked.

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  1. The days are just flying by.
    Oh my days, those doughnuts! I haven't tried gingerbread ones before but now I need to.
    Well done on the wrapping, I'm tackling mine this afternoon.
    I love the fire background too, I used a campfire one not long ago when we did a camping sleepover for the kids downstairs in lockdown haha, it was ace! xx

  2. The year's whizzed by. I'm not too sure about gingerbread doughnuts. I still need to wrap - haven't had 2 gifts arrive yet, and still struggling for the OH what to get.At the moment he's getting a boring jumper and nothing else, but he's giving no ideas. I despair.

  3. a busy time - personally I hate the time I have to sit and do a big update on windows

  4. I think its nice to have some lazy time at weekends! We are certainly more eager for films tucked in with blankets and treats. How lovely are your advent calendar treats, only the boys have them here, but they managed to end up with two each as a friend also gave them one each!

  5. Those windows updates drive me up the wall. Why they would think anyone would like to update now when they'd just turned the computer on is beyond me. Looks like you are well prepared for Christmas.

  6. Mmm, those gingerbread donuts sound tasty! I haven't spotted the fireplace image on Netflix, but then I've been too busy with entering advent comps to watch anything. Your advent calendar treats look lovely. Well done on wrapping. I only started wrapping presents for Sasha's teachers and TAs for tomorrow, as they said if someone sends in the gifts, that's the deadline, so that they will be put away for a few days for safety reasons.

  7. I agree, the weeks are going in a flash. While finishing one project 366 post, I start working on another. OoOOoO doughnuts. True, updates take forever, even when it shows 100% is done. OooOo that's a lovely treat. Oooo presents. Cool boots

  8. Ohhh a scented candle advent calendar! That sounds amazing and I bet the Lindor candle smells amazing! You are powering on, I'm still pondering starting to wrap presents, I really need to get a shift on! Nom nom nom gingerbread donuts - epic price too! The dreaded update that takes ages, then the screen goes black and you don't think it is doing anything... glad it was all sorted in the end! Sim x

  9. I can't believe this year is almost over!

    I didn't realise Netflix had a fireplace thing...will have to have a look.

    Never tried gingerbread doughnuts...might have to see if I can get hold of some

  10. Ooh I love the sound of gingerbread doughnuts! Well done on getting so much of your wrapping done – I’ve made a start on mine, but there’s still a lot to do! Waiting for Windows updates is frustrating – they always seem to take forever. #project366

  11. It's going so quickly isn't it? I have not tired gingerbread doughnuts but now feel like I need to! I always feel the same when my computer updates! I am super impressed you have done half the wrapping already I still have presents to buy! Hope he liked his new boots.

  12. I love that fire image on the TV - if only it was a real one though. I would love to have a real fire. The gingerbread donuts sound lovely

  13. How on earth do you watch the tv up so high? like the idea of the netflix fireplace, I'll take a look. Well done with the christmas wrapping and those donuts sound divine

  14. I'm not a fan of ginger so have never bought gingerbread for my kids: what a terrible mum I am! Christmas wrapping already?! #project366

  15. Hmmm gingerbread donuts? Not sure but definitely worth a try ! Oooh I have Netflix but hadn't noticed the fire thingy - I need to investigate !