Wednesday 30 December 2020

My top 10 blog posts of all time!

Once in a blue moon I will go and look how people end up on my blog and what they have searched for. A few weeks ago it got me thinking to what my most read blog posts are. I've been blogging for over 8 years now and have quite a selection of posts. I was quite surprised what my top 10 blog posts are!


If you do go back and to read my old blog posts be nice and don't judge. Some of the photos are terrible. Oops. I do seem to have got better at writing blog posts.

Milton sterilising products

From July 2018 this is my most read blog post of all time and most of the views have came from this year. I guess that long summer with us all at home made everyone get their paddling pools out. People wanted to know if you could use the sterilising tablets to clean paddling pools and how many tablets to use.

EcoHydra Hand Sanitiser

It surprised me that people managed to find this blog post considering it was written in October 2014 but I guess a lot of people were searching hand sanitiser, especially when it was out of stock in a lot of the shops. It made me did think back to the simpler times when the only time I thought about hand sanitiser was when the kids had tummy bugs.

How to make Beanies

This made me so happy seeing this in my top 10 blog posts. I love beanies and love that other people know what I'm on about. A beanie is baked beans wrapped up inside sausage meat and then battered and deep fried! They are mostly a North East thing and I am told they were made by a company in Washington, Tyne & Wear until the late 80's. People keep finding this blog post by asking how to make them.

Mega Bloks

Way back in 2015 we were giving some Mega Bloks away but needed to clean them. Stu had the idea of cleaning them in the washing machine, I didn't think it was going to end well but it did! 

DYLON fabric dye

This was a surprise seeing this as one of my most read blog posts. It was one of the first things I was sent to review way back in 2013 here on my blog. It is something I have gone on to purchase myself and dyed curtains and cushion covers purple.

a rat

This is one of my most recent blog posts in my top 10 from September this year. I am guessing people also have rats under their floorboards upstairs. It really is more common than you think.


Another blog post from years ago, back in 2015 when Zoflora hadn't been made famous by all the celebrity cleaners. Zoflora was something I discovered through being sent it to review and now it's everywhere and so popular. 

Bushtucker Trial Food

I bought this from Iceland in 2014 and every year when I'm a Celebrity is on TV it gets looked at. I wish Iceland would go back to sponsoring the show just so we could try it again. It was disgusting but so much fun! There were no actual bugs in it just things made to look like bugs but that was bad enough.

Advice for new CHD parents

I am so glad something heart defect related was in my top 10. Finding out your child has a problem with their heart is the worst feeling. You step into a different, scary world with medical professionals firing words at you which you don't understand, the unknown and uncertainty and I think reading things from people who are in your shoes helps. I hope I have helped someone.

Travelling by train.

I wrote this a couple of years ago and I imagine over Christmas travelling by train was more stressful than ever before but for different reasons with the pandemic going on. It does make me chuckle that other people must think the same by searching for Travelling by train makes people angry. lol

Have you read any of these blog posts from me?

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  1. Some great posts there Kim. It is strange when you look at which posts people search and find. I have one post with a My Little Pony Template which was shared a lot when I posted it. It still comes up in my top 10 even from 2012. I can fully understand why you had high hits on the sanitizers and Zoflora this year. x