Tuesday 17 November 2020

I have been blogging for eight years!

 It has been 8 years since I wrote and published my first blog post, well 8 years and 1 day because I can never remember what date I started blogging.

Back then I was Northumberland Mam. I just jumped right in and never even introduced my self. I think it was a good few months before I even had an "about me page". When we moved house I bought my own domain and became this, Life As Kim. 

Birthday candles

This is the longest that I have ever stuck at any hobby, that's what blogging is to me. I get the odd thing to review in exchange for a blog post but I don't make any money from it. Blogging is the best thing I ever started, I have made friends, recorded our lives and I've had a lot of fun with it. Eesh, this sounds like I'm going to give it up but no chance! I am very happy with my little space on the internet!

Each year I like to share my favourite blog post from the previous year and these are them. They may not be my most viewed posts but they are the one's that bring back happy memories and one's I like the most.


Being 40 is brilliant. I feel like a proper grown up now, well most of the time I do. This blog post was about the plans for my birthday and what I thought about turning 40.

Gingerbread houses 2019

We make gingerbread houses every year and even though we do every year seems different especially now that the girls are older and are more capable. We have used the kit from Tesco every year but last year got one from B&M and I think I will be looking for it again. It was brilliant!

Pie face

I wrote about how as my girls are getting older they are growing apart. I was pretty sad about it but then lockdown happened and they have grown closer again! Hooray! 

February 2020 - A half term trip to Hull!

Furry heads

It was our first proper family day out of the year and our last. Thanks Coronavirus! We went to Hull and tool Ellie's friend along with us too. It was such a fun day. We literally shopped till we dropped and at least on of the kids fell asleep on the bus on the way home.

cross stich

I was sent a cross stitch kit to review and it took a while but I finally got it finished, put in a frame and up on the wall in the bathroom. I got another and finished that too but haven't been able to get a cheap frame yet as the local auction has had none in. Hmmf. It is such a great hobby!

Pride flag

Becky's coming out blog post. I wrote about how she now has a girlfriend and came out to us as gay. Obviously we don't have a problem with it and we're happy as long as she is. Things are going well and she's still with her girlfriend. They've been together about 8 months and lockdown has only made them stronger. Hooray for video chatting.

Green hair

If you were going to dye your hair lockdown was the perfect opportunity. I had dyed my hair plenty over the years and decided to give a colour stripper a go. It worked, sort of! I ended up with green hair but at least the reds and purple was gone. lol

My flowers

Over the summer I have loved spending time in the garden and all my work out there has been quite a success. The flowerbed looked amazing and there is still some of the summer flowers still hanging on.

My girls

I wrote about the strangest of school years that we've ever had and the end of term. It was a big deal with Ellie starting a new school, Becky starting college and then having to deal with home learning. 

A broken heart

Every year I write about my girls hearts and their heart surgeries and I feel like it is so important to share our story. Even more so now after receiving a DM from someone saying how our story has helped their friend, giving her a bit of hope after discovering that her unborn baby has a heart defect.

Back to school

We seemed to get a little bit of normal back in our lives after months of lockdown. The kids went back to school and college and were so happy about it.

Me and my dad

I love October because Blogtober happens. A month where I join in with other bloggers and am given prompts to write a blog post every day. Day 2 way The one I love and I wrote about my dad. 

Thank you for reading! Thank you as well to anyone who leaves a comment, likes a Facebook post, retweets a Tweet, hearts and Instagram photo or give a thumbs up to my rubbish YouTube videos. I appreciate you all!

Here's to another eight years!


  1. Congratulations on your blog anniversary! I love reading your blog :)

  2. Happy Blog Birthday!! You've done well for 8 years and I have to say, you write one of my favourite blogs to read. I love how you stay so true to yourself and keep us entertained with your every day life. But looking at all these lovely posts you've mentioned we can all see what a lovely record of your life you've encapsulated forever in this little corner of the Internet. (I hope you have a back up of everything!) I think you deserve some cake today to celebrate xx

  3. Happy Blogversary! I blog as a hobby too. Reviews, but no adverts, and it suits me. It is so good for keeping track of events and meeting like minded people. Love the second photo of you smiling on your 40th. Perfect! #mmbc

  4. Happy blogiversarry. Wow 8 years is a long time. I think my blog is 7 next year. I always forget x

  5. Wow, 8 years! Congratulations Kim!

  6. Aw, happy 8th blogging anniversary to my bestest blogger buddy! I always love popping by your blog for a catch up. Here's to many more years of blogging! xx