Thursday 20 February 2020

A half term trip to Hull!

Since we moved near Scunthorpe in the summer, visiting Hull has been on our to do list but up until earlier on in this week something we hadn't done! By bus it is an hour away which might seem like a long journey to some but we are used to it. When we lived in Norhtumberland Newcastle, the nearest city was about 50 minutes away. At least with going to Hull we have the novelty of going over the Humber Bridge.

A view over the water from the Humber Bridge

The kids are off school for half term this week so it seemed the perfect time to go. I was a panicking that Storm Dennis was going to stop us going. When we had storm ciara the bridge was closed to all traffic because of the wind and it is the only route to Hull. I was worried the same was going to happen. Thankfully it was fine!

Ellie's friend R came along with us so Ellie was doubly excited for a day out. They had big plans and a list of shops they had to visit starting with Build a Bear in St Stephen's Shopping Centre, one of the 3 shopping centre's in Hull. I think I did well managing to talk the girls out of buying a bear. They all had their spending money and to buy one would practically wipe their budget. I don't think I had ever been in one of their stores before and they're pretty amazing! All of the outfits are just amazing! They have everything from Frozen, Star Wars, Marvel heroes and wedding dresses.

Star wars Build a bear costumes

Next up we hit The Entertainer. The kids had great fun in there, even Becky. The staff are always so fun and friendly. The kids were messing around with the big heads and one of the staff members saw my phone in my hand and said "go on, take a photo, you know you want to!". I did. lol 

My girls and their friend with funny unicorn heads on

The girls spent a bit of their money and then we actually went to buy Ellie's new school shoes the one thing we actually needed to go shopping for. Ellie is usually a nightmare when we buy shoes but this time she was on her best behaviour because her friend was with us. I think I might borrow her every time we need to get new one's. lol

We then went on the hunt for Primark and just as we turned a corner I spotted Lush! I can't remember the last time I had one of their bath bombs and just had to go in and buy a couple. 

The shelves filled with Lush bath bombs

We finally found Primark and we were all in heaven. We spent a good hour and a half looking around deciding on what to buy. They have a great range of Stranger Things products in and some Billie Ellish (the singer) clothes which pleased the girls greatly. They all bought a couple of things and I was very good and bought nothing at all. As big as the Primark is in Hull, I do prefer the one in Scunthorpe as there is more bargains to be had with their reduced red stickers.

It was about half past one when we realised that our stomachs were starting to rumble and we needed lunch. We knew exactly where we were going. Wing's International Cuisine, an all you can eat buffet. Ellie's friend R had mentioned it and earlier on in the day we had walked past and people were queuing to get in so we thought it must be good. The choice of food was amazing and there was some that I had never even tried before. It was all piping hot and tasted so good! There was a good choice of desserts too. The girls and I had 2 plates of mains, I just had one lot of dessert but the kids had 2. Stu had 3 plates of mains and one dessert. We definitely got our moneys worth. I am going to write a separate blog post all about it as I thought it was such a fantastic place to eat.

By the time we had eaten and looked around a few more shops it was coming on for 4pm and time to start heading home. I didn't want to leave it too late with the weather being the way it was.

It was a fantastic day out. I think we're going to have to head back to Hull soon for another look around the shops as there was so many that we never got chance to look around or even find. We all had a great day and were glad to get home and finally sit down.


  1. We've just found out we're moving to Scunthorpe in July (jobs) so I'm happy to come across your blog and get some local insight.

    1. Good luck with the move. Despite the bad press Scunthorpe sometimes gets I love it here.

  2. Sounds like a fab day out - some great bargains to be had too. I think Juliette has bought most of the Stranger Things range in Primark already !

    1. It was a lot of fun. My two given the chance would have bought everything from Primark. lol x

  3. I can't believe this post! I have just come back from a lovely 12 day trip to Hull to see my Dad! I wonder if we were in Primark at the same time?? Next time I'll tell you when I'm coming and we could meet there :)