Wednesday 12 February 2020

A night out seeing the Bon Jovi Experience!

Last year for my birthday my dad's partner Sarah bought me and her tickets to see a Bon Jovi tribute act. We decided to make a night of it and have a meal out before the show. On Friday we dressed ourselves up and headed out to Scunthorpe.

Just after we moved here the Blue Bell Inn in Scunthorpe closed for a massive refurbishment. It opened up again just after Christmas and it was our first time visiting. I had read reviews of it online and they weren't good. Food was being served cold, they were out of stock of simple items like eggs for the breakfast and it wasn't just teething problems with them just opening, it was happening as recent as last week. 

A plate of scampi, chips and mushy peas and another with lasagne and salad on.

We couldn't fault the service. It was packed when we got there at just after 4pm and we waited about half an hour for our meals which I think is an average time to wait, it was hot and the only complaint I had was that I didn't have many chips and a tiny amount of mushy peas. There was plenty of scampi though. Sarah was impressed with her lasagne. 

Just before 7pm we headed over the Plowright Theatre which is one of 2 theatres in Scunthorpe. I'd never been before and it looked a great place to enjoy a show. There was a bar upstairs selling reasonably priced drinks and the staff were all friendly and helpful. 

We were seeing what is said to be the world's leading Bon Jovi Tribute band. The Bon Jovi Experience is the ONLY tribute band to play on stage with the real Bon Jovi!!

The Bon Jovi Experience singers on stage

We had front row seats and we were encouraged to get up and dance. We didn't need asking twice and danced for most of the show. It was such a good evening with all the best songs being sung! The show lasted about 3 hours with a twenty minute break in the middle.

The Bon Jovi Experience singers on stage

They travel up and down the country and if you're a Bon Jovi fan and you get the chance to see them, go! They put on such a fab show and the lead singer sings, moves and looks like Bon Jovi. He also talks in an American, New Jersey accent which is very impressive!

The show finished just after 10 and when we came outside our ears were ringing. We didn't realise how loud the music was. Oops. Waking up on Saturday morning was fun. I'd not had a night out in about 8 months and I was aching. My legs from dancing, my throat from singing and my ribs from laughing so much. It was worth it though.

We're keeping our eyes out for more shows to see at the local theatres. There's a Freddie Mercury and Queen tribute on later this year that I might even take Becky to and the Monsters of Rock show that Stu would fancy!


  1. Glad you had such a good time. They look great !

    1. They really were great. They sounded so much like the real deal x