Wednesday 19 February 2020

(Ad - Gifted) The Disney Princess Face Mask Collection from Mad Beauty.

My girls are at the age now where they like to have a pamper and love things like bath bombs and face masks. We were recently asked if we would like to try something from Mad Beauty who create bath, body & beauty gifts and for adults & teens.

We decided to go for the Disney Princess Face Mask Collection

Disney Princess Face Mask Collection packaging

The Princesses are some of the most iconic & inspirational characters from the Disney stable. Mad Beauty are proud to release their latest range. This range of Face masks features one each with different soothing & calming properties with images of Jasmine, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella & Ariel.

The face masks come in a gorgeous fold out book.

Disney Princess Face Mask Collection opened up
Disney Princess Face Mask Collection packages.

Each face mask has different soothing & calming properties and scents.

Princess Aurora - with calming lavender to soothe your hard-working face.
Princess Belle - with rose water to impart a healthy glow.
Princess Jasmine - filled with green tea antioxidants to refresh and revitalise.
Princess Ariel - infused with cucumber to cool, hydrate and add a splash of moisturise.

Becky my teenager and I gave a couple a try. I have been full of cold so it was a really nice treat. We opened the packages and unfolded the face masks which was easy as they come a plastic backing.

Disney Princess Face Mask Collection ready to go on
My teen and I with the face masks on.

We put them on and had such a giggle. I wouldn't say the face masks look a lot like Disney Princesses but the idea is there. They're a novelty and they're fab! The smelled so good and felt lovely on my face, so refreshing. Becky was Ariel & I was Belle. After taking them off, our faces felt so soft.

Ellie has since tried the Jasmine mask and thought it was brilliant. She does suffer with slightly spotty skin and it treated her face nicely. She suffered no after effects and her skin looks better for it.

These are a lot of fun and feel so good. Costing £13.99 for the 4 face masks I think they would make a lovely gift for any princess one. I think I will be going back to Mad Beauty for gifts when it's the kids birthdays and Christmas. They do have some gorgeous things.

We were sent the Disney Princess Face Mask Collection free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. These would be a lot of fun for a slumber party or a mother / daughter girly day! #MMBC

    1. Oh yes! I imagine a lot of giggles from them at a slumber party. x

  2. Such a cute idea for a mum and daughter evening :)