Saturday 22 February 2020

Week 8 of #Project366 - A photo every day for a year!

Half term has flown over. It doesn't seem like the kids have had a full week off school and college, in fact my teen has had more of a week off with her finishing her week on a Wednesday. We've had a good balance of being busy, being sociable and also having time to relax.

Now for a photo every day!

A box of tissues and my daughter and I trying out facemasks
My youngest eating lunch out and a dinosaur bubble bar
A photo of the Prolific website
A TikTok playlist and my two girls sitting waiting to go out.

46/366 - 15th February
I was full of cold and went through a box of tissues in about 24 hours. I feel much better now despite still having a snotty nose.

47/366 - 16th February
My teen and I were trying out some Disney face masks. They are a lot of fun and even more so when someone knocks at the door when you have one on. Thankfully it was just one of Ellie's friends. 

48/366 - 17th February
We were out all day on Monday shopping in Hull. We stopped off for something to eat in an all you can eat buffet place. We certainly got our moneys worth.

49/366 - 18th February
I bought some bath bombs from Lush when we were in Hull and inside one of the Easter one's was this little dinosaur bubble bar. So cute.

50/366 - 19th February
I signed up to Prolific a few weeks ago after seeing Katy Kicker mention it on her Insta-Stories. It's a site where you get paid to take surveys. The minimum cash out is £5 and I have cashed out twice already. It's not a big money maker but the surveys are mostly short and I get quite a few a day. I leave it open in a browser when I am doing other things on my computer and when a survey pops up I join in with it.

51/366 - 20th February
Becky made a playlist on Spotify of a lot of the songs used on TikTok. I went through and deleted the one's which had really bad language which I didn't want Ellie hearing. Some of the songs were really bad.

52/366 - 21st February
My girls.

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  1. What a lovely photo of the girls. Those masks look seriously scary! The all you can eat buffet food looks delicious.

  2. Those masks are awful - like a bad horror movie. I love an all you can eat buffet - they're great for children to try different things. I gave up my prolific account having had no surveys. I'm at work, so by the time I get to the surveys I'm always too late.

  3. quite right to moderate her spotify list.
    I have tried a few sites with surveys on but a lot are "complete the survey and go into a draw to win £X" and I object as they are paying one measly prize for getting lots of people filling in a survey that the hosting site will get paid masses for.
    Love an all you can eat buffet

  4. I had a good giggle about you having to answer the door with the mask on ! Certainly looks like you had a busy week - this is why I love the fact that we have two weeks off in France as one just isn't enough to fit everything in and still have time to rest ! The restaurant in Hull looks great and oooh bath bombs, I used to love Lush but the smell seems just too overpowering now !

  5. do love a good buffet. Those masks are scary, hope they worked on your skin ok? I might look at prolific but timing could be an issue #366

  6. Those masks look strange don't they? The buffet looks fab. I would modify the lists too, I do that with the boys. There is a kids one now too, but I think it might be for younger kids xx

  7. Wel done on spotting the spotify tracks with bad language. Love the face masks hope no one was frightened when the door was answered, glad your cold has cleared up now and yes that was Bob on Mary's link up, made me look twice lol

  8. I do surveys on Prolific too. I like that they pay a reasonable amount of money for your time. I keep the window open like you. Had to laugh at the face mask photo - typical that you have the door bell go when you had it on.

  9. Those Disney face masks look fun - I can imagine the reaction when answering the door wearing one of those. Love that dinosaur bubble bar and all-you-can-eat buffet places are great. Good idea to go through Becky's Spotify list. Lovely photo of your girls. #project366

  10. Oooh how did you find the masks? Love a good buffet!

    Will have to check out the site for the surveys. I usually have my laptop on!

    Some of the songs these days are really bad for language.

  11. Oh no, those masks look creepy, like something from Goosebumps. You're brave to show them to the world. :) The dino bath bomb looks cute, though I'm not a big fan of Lush, I cannot enter the shop without feeling dizzy, all those strong smells.
    Lovely photo of your girls!

  12. Those masks looks awfully brilliant! I NEED to buy them for me and my daughter! I love Lush and haven't spotted the dinos. #project366