Wednesday, 8 April 2020

I have seen the worst and the best of people.

It has been a crazy few weeks thanks to the coronavirus and it really has brought out the best and the worst of people. I have found myself in tears crying about the situation some people have found themselves in but then I have cried because of the lovely, amazing things people are doing to help.

There was course has been the locusts emptying the shelves which is so selfish and thoughtless buying a ridiculous amount of food and leaving nothing for those who are at work, working in hospitals saving our lives or the elderly. I hope those people who panic bought haven't been shopping again buying more essentials like pasta & loo roll. My fella was speaking to one of his old workmates who now works in a big electronics store and was on about how people were going out and buying big freezers to fill with their stockpiled food. They are so lucky they could afford to do that, what about the people who struggle to even do their food shop on a day to day basis!

A couple of weeks ago three staff in our little Tesco were in tears one day after being shouted at and abused by people for not having things on their shelves. It's not their fault why couldn't people understand that! We have a few shops in my little town and Tesco has been the worst hit and I really think it's because they weren't getting the deliveries. Most of the independent shops now have fully stocked shelves.

A lot of shops and companies have done amazingly well but there's other's which have shown their true colours and treat their staff awfully. It's certainly made me think about who I will be shopping with when all this is over with.

Over the weekend again there was people not playing by the rules. Out sitting in parks, sunbathing, having BBQ's with friends and family. Why can't they just stay at home?

The scams started quickly. Enter your details and goodness knows what they'll do with them. My dad's partner was saying she read on Facebook about how you had to make sure all your washing was off the line and all people were inside because the army was going to be spraying disinfectant. That did make me chuckle though!

For every person doing stupid things there is 100 doing amazing things to help and make things better.

There is all the rainbows up at all the windows. The rainbow trend started in Italy but has rapidly caught on in other countries. When I went to the shop last week it was so lovely to see all the windows with rainbows in. Even the businesses which are closed are asking for some to put in their windows.

I am in a local Facebook group for the little town where I live and it has been amazing to see people pulling together to help. A woman who has her own soap company donating it to those who need it. Our bus service has been greatly reduced so people were offering lifts into town to get to work for free, people have offered to get shopping for those who can't go out and the doctors surgery asked for help to get prescriptions to those who needed them. People stepped up and offered to help. It is so wonderful to see. 

Our local council asked for people to help those self isolating and the elderly and people signed up to help and everyone who has asked for help has got it. It makes me so glad that I live here.

All the local businesses who don't usually deliver have been like the farm shop, butchers and takeaways. They keep having to stop and start the service as so many people are using them but they are doing a great job.

I have seen people ask on a local Facebook group for dog food and specialist food and others offering some of what they have. There has been people giving away nappies, books and toys that their kids have grown out of just so other kids can have something different to do.

Here we have had people doing karaoke in their garden on a Sunday evening to cheer everyone up. Each week the whole street has been out clapping, saying thank you to the NHS & the key workers. Thank you to everyone who is keeping this country running as best as it can. You're all amazing!

I hope you have all been managing OK and have seen the best of people too!

Tuesday, 7 April 2020

(Ad - Gifted) Some wonderful outdoor toys from Wicked! - Review!

I was sent these toys to review from Wicked Vision and this blog post was meant to be all about getting the kids outside during the Easter holidays and an alternative to buying an Easter egg but with everything that's gone on over the past few weeks they have been a great way to keep the kids amused and give them a break from school work. We haven't had the full opportunity to test everything out as we need more space for one of the products and a pump which is at my dad's to blow the Body Bubble up.

Enjoying the outdoors (in a safe way) and each other’s company goes a long way. It’s the perfect way to burn off that energy and have a good night’s sleep (both parents and kids). Having the garden has been a god send lately and the kids couldn't wait to try out these toys!

New to the Wicked Sky Rider range is the uniquely shaped Air Square! (RRP £10.00) With its precision weighted design, the Air Square flies incredible distances with a smooth stable flight path. Catch with ease thanks to the soft rubberised corners that make the Air Square look amazing as it flies through the air!

This was one of the products we haven't fully tested. With only being allowed in the garden we haven't been able to throw it far. I had the girls sat on the grass in the hope they didn't throw it into next doors gardens. They did have fun with it and it does look so impressive when it is in flight. We can't wait to get to the park with it!

With a flight range of 4-6 metres, the Wicked Indoor Booma (RRP £6.00) allows you to throw and catch like a pro in the confines of an office, bedroom, park or gym. Made from special Memorang foam, feel free to fling them about the heads of your classmates or work colleagues secure in the knowledge that they’re completely safe!

The kids have been throwing this all over and it really is safe. I've been hit on the head by it a few times and it obviously gave me a shock but it didn't hurt. Something like this is great for throwing about without the worry of it breaking anything.

What we have fully tested and have been loving is the Wicked Mega Jump. (RRP £10.00) They the next step in jump ropes! Jump faster, jump better, thanks to the nifty features they've incorporated ball-bearing axles for super smooth rope rotation, great quality thin rope for high speed and textured handle to increase grip meaning you don't need to worry about it even when you're busting out super cool tricks.

What I did like about these jump ropes is that you can adjust the length of the ropes so they are right for you by simply taking the cap of the handle and adjusting the rope and cutting off any excess.

The girls really loved these and for the last couple of weeks they have been played with every day! They really do turn more smoothly than normal skipping ropes. I would highly recommend these and the girls would too.

Have you been spending more time out in the garden lately?

Monday, 6 April 2020

Our weekly meal plan! 6th - 12th April. #MealPlanningMonday

Last weeks meal plan went OK. We didn't have the fish cakes as we had a bit of a stressful day with the broken hot tap on the bath, it's sorted now. I wasn't in the mood to cook much so we had bacon and fried egg sandwiches. The bolognese we had didn't have mince in, I couldn't get any so I just added extra mushrooms and onions as well as peppers and carrots. No one complained and to be honest I don't think they noticed. lol

This week on the menu we have:

MondayChicken fried rice.
TuesdayJacket potatoes with tuna, mayo and sweetcorn.
WednesdayLasagne and garlic bread..
ThursdaySausage and mushroom crumble with mash.
Friday - Fish finger sandwiches.
Saturday - Pizza nachos.
Sunday - Some sort of casserole cooked in the slow cooker.

What are you eating this week?

Sunday, 5 April 2020

Filling the plant pots. #MySundaySnapshot

Earlier in the week we sacked off the school work and did something different! Planting some seeds! These will hopefully be sunflowers. 

My youngest filling plant pots with compost

Saturday, 4 April 2020

Week 14 of #Project366 - A photo every day for a year!

Before we moved and Ellie wasn't having a great time at her old school I did think about pulling her out and home schooling her. I am so glad I didn't! I swear once this virus has gone and the kids go back to school all the teachers need a pay rise! We have realised home schooling is not for us but we're plodding on. We've had a broken hot tap on the bath, I am having issues with my electric bill again and can't contact the company to query it because they are only accepting emergency calls and my arms are aching from playing too much swingball.

As much as I am complaining it hasn't been a bad week. We sacked the home schooling off, played Minecraft and planted seeds, the tap was fixed and if I keep playing swingball I am going to have an arm like Popeye! lol

Now for a photo every day!

My youngest with a bow on her nose, being cute and my teen sat on a beanbag looking moody
My girls in the garden playing swingball and a box of plant pots
A tapestry kit. A swan
My girls doing some Easter colouring and the online game Hearthstone

88/366 - 28th March
Ellie had been in the garage playing with the craft stuff. I snapped this when she was being cute.

89/366 - 29th March
Becky looks depressed in this photo but she really wasn't. She was just engrossed in a game she was playing on her tablet.

90/366 - 30th March
The kids playing swingball. It is such fun!

91/366 - 31st March
My dad said he would drop a few plant pots over, I expected 10 at the most not this many! I got quite the surprise when I saw these on my doorstep. I've had a look on pinterest and there are a ton of craft ideas using them. It will give us something to do.

92/366 - 1st April
The lovely Elaine from Fun As a Gran said in her 366 blog post last week she had sent me a surprise and it arrived on Wednesday! After having a rough morning trying to get the girls to do their school and college work it was just what I needed to cheer me up! I can't wait to get started on it! Thank you! 

93/366 - 2nd April
The kids did not want to do any colouring until I printed out some Eater sheets. They decided to make some Easter cards for the rest of the family. They were on a good couple of hours.

94/366 - 3rd April
I've started playing Hearthstone again. It's an online game based on the other online game World of Warcraft. It's a card type came, sort of like Top Trumps. I like it.

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Friday, 3 April 2020

This week my Word of the Week is: Worn! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

What a week! I think I am going to start every Word of the Week post with that phrase until we have got through the pandemic.

Last week was great having my family home, we were having great fun, the kids were loving doing their school and college work but I think this week the novelty has worn off. The weather being grey and gloomy hasn't helped our mood. We're all still happy in each other's company but reality has hit.

On Tuesday we discovered the hot tap on the bath wouldn't turn on. It would turn so far but no water would come out. It seemed the tap was broken. Under the handle of the tap the nut was all worn. The landlord dropped some new taps off and some tools as Stu was confident he could fix it after watching some YouTube videos. The nuts were on solid thanks to the years of limescale building up and the tools we had weren't working so my dad got his friend to drop some off. 

We eventually got the nuts loose and it turns out the taps were too small for the copper pipe. We gave up. Stu put everything back together and thankfully there was no leaks it was only then we realised we could use an adjustable spanner to turn the tap on. Doh! My dad suggested putting toilet cleaner onto the tap because he thought that it was just jammed with limescale and after a couple of days we turned the tap, there was a cracking sound and it became looser. We have a working tap again. lol We put the handle back on and it works fine now. We're getting a plumber out eventually but it's not an urgent job so we won't be top of the list.

I have been staying up late to try and get a Tesco grocery delivery slot and it has really worn me out. It took me until Wednesday night to get one. I had the app open on my phone and the website open on my laptop. Just before midnight I was kicked into the queue in both and thought I wasn't going to get anywhere. Just after midnight I got on through the app on my phone and clicked the first time slot I saw. Wednesday 22nd April it's coming! Hooray! 

I have also worn myself out playing swingball. We had seen the fun next doors kid had been having with his set so I bought the girls one of their own. Argos are the cheapest in case you are wondering at £23.00. We have all had great fun with it but my arms are aching. Both arms, the one I hit the ball with and my arm when I miss the ball and hit it with the bat. lol

Getting the kids to do their work this week has been a struggle. Ellie said she had finished all the work that had been set for her, yes on website she had but not on the school's website. hehehe She was not amused when I printed out a ton of maths's worksheets. She works better when she is working on the laptop rather than doing worksheets. She is not a fan of writing. I have had her typing her English work but there's no getting out of writing when it comes to the worksheets.

Patience had worn thin on Wednesday with the kids school and college work. They had no motivation and I had none to force them to do it so we sacked it off and I let them play Minecraft, that's educational and Ellie and I also planted some seeds. I do hope they grow. All in all after a stressful morning we had a lovely afternoon.

This week has had it's struggles but it hasn't really been a bad week. We're all fit and healthy and happy 99% of the time. I hope you are all keeping well.

Thursday, 2 April 2020

Welcome Spring with Fruit Bowl Bunny Biscuits!

Spring has sprung and Easter will be here before you know it. Fruit Bowl the UK based children's snack company has a tasty recipe to get creative with the kids over the holidays, using their delicious fruit products for a fruity twist. 

Fruit Bowl's recipe for Bunny Biscuits is made with mixed spice, orange zest and their Fruit Flakes to give a warm and citrusy bake. You can decorate the biscuits using Fruit Bowl's Raspberry Fruit Flakes and Strawberry Peelers to add eyes and whiskers to your Bunnies, both of which contribute to your five a day?

How to make the bunny biscuits:

The total cooking time is 40 minutes including the 20 minutes preparation time.

You will need:

100 Softened butter
60g Caster sugar
1 Egg
250g Plain flour
1tsp Mixed spice
Zest of 1 orange
2 Packs of Fruit Bowl Raspberry Fruit Flakes
2 Fruit Bowl Strawberry Fruit Peelers

Preheat the oven to 200◦C or Gas mark 6.
Lightly grease a large baking tray or use grease proof paper.
Cream the butter with the sugar until light and fluffy.
Stir in the flour, mixed spice, grated orange zest and the Fruit Flakes
Add the egg and combine all of the ingredients into a dough
Roll out the dough until the dough is about 4mm in thickness.
Use your preferred bunny cutter to cut each biscuit.
Place the biscuits on to the baking tray and bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes until pale golden in colour.
Let the biscuits cool on a wire rack and decorate!!

I have previously reviewed some Fruit Bowl products and we love them here. The Fruit Bowl range is available to buy in Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Coop, Asda, Waitrose and on Ocado and make ideal additions to lunch boxes or for snacking on-the-go.  

Will you be doing any baking over Easter?

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

The Dinosaur Bombshell Egg Bath Bomb from Lush.

It has been ages since I had the chance to use any Lush bath bombs. I do love them but since moving house to near Scunthorpe I haven't been near a Lush store until we visited Hull a little while ago. I of course bought an Intergalactic Bath Bomb which is my all time favourite and then got chatting to one of the sales assistant who convinced me that I needed to try the new Dinosaur Bombshell Egg Bath Bomb. To be honest I didn't need much convincing. hehehe

The Dinosaur Bombshell Egg Bath Bomb from Lush wrapped up.

If you’re looking for a Jurassic bath, the rapturous fizz and crackle of this Easter treat is a T-rrific choice! Grab your prehistoric surprise before you pop one or both bath bomb halves in the water and enjoy a legendary sherbert-scented soak. Inside you'll find your own little dino bubble bar, ready to be crumbled under running water for an eruption of bubbles. A dino-mite encounter with grapefruit and popping candy is sure to provide roarsome refreshment.

The Dinosaur Bombshell Egg Bath Bomb from Lush opened showing the two halves of the egg and the little dinosaur inside.

This is more than I would usually pay for a bath bomb but this is an extra special one. It has 3 uses. There is 2 halves of the bath bomb which can be split between 2 baths and then there is the little bubble bar. So when you look it like that £8.95 doesn't seem too bad.

It smelled amazing even before I put any of it into the bath. It smelled really sherbetty but that would be because of the grapefruit and bergamot oils. There is also an almond essential oil in it which gives off a comforting sweet scent.

I used some of the bubble bar then added the bath bombs to my bath water. I could have used just half but wanted double the treat.

The bath bombs were so good. They fizzed well and crackled too! Stu described the sound perfectly, when they were dissolving they sounded like bacon frying. I do love a pretty bath bomb and these did not disappoint as you can see in the video below.

Again it smelled so good but I wasn't a fan of the colour of the bath water when everything mixed together. It looked a lot like swamp water. lol I can look past that because it did leave my skin feeling so soft.

The Dinosaur Bombshell Egg Bath Bomb is from Lush's Easter range so it is a limited edition. At the moment due to the Coronavirus all of the Lush stores are closed and the website has stopped taking orders, I do hope it's back up in time to order for Easter.

Do you like to use bath bombs? What is your favourite type?

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

What I loved in March 2020!

March has been a stressful month with the Coronavirus but I have still managed to find some good things throughout the month.

What I loved in March!

The signs of Spring!

It really feels like spring is on it's way. There is all sorts of plants and flowers popping up in my garden. We didn't live here this time last year so it's all new to us. It's staying lighter longer on an evening too which I really love. I looked at the clock last week and it was quarter to seven and it still wasn't dark. The weather was lovely last week and the kids spent most afternoons in the garden. It actually inspired me to buy some seeds, pots and compost to get on with some planting.

Neighbours 35th Anniversary Week!
What a week it was! Normal episodes during the day then late night one's. I have loved Neighbours since I was a kid and love it even more now. It was full of drama and had quite a few shocking moments. Last week I found myself crying. I didn't think Gary's death would have me in tears but it has. Poor Kyle & Sheila. I did laugh at the way Finn died. Becky was watching and laughed too. It was so ridiculous. Digging a grave for Susan and slipping, hitting his head and drowning. 

Having Red Hair (again).
I tried to dye my hair purple and it failed so I went back to bright red and it went on perfectly. Better than it ever has, I've changed my shampoo and the colour is lasting really well which is just as well because I can't get to town to buy anymore dye. lol

Mother's Day.
Mother's day didn't go exactly like we had planned, I didn't get my pub lunch because of the coronavirus shutting all of the pubs but it really didn't matter. I still had a lovely day. The kids spoilt me rotten and actually argued over who's turn it was to make me a cup of tea. I drank more tea that Sunday than any other day. lol I got a couple of new candles, a new cross stitch pattern and of course some lovely cards.

Having the kids home.
Up until a few weeks ago the kids were going out with friends a lot. It's totally selfish of me but I love having the kids home during this pandemic. We have had great fun together and they are actually enjoying spending time with me again. I know it's only because they can't go out with friends but I am taking it as a win!

Home made pizza.
It seems ages since we made our own home made pizza but over the last month we've had it a couple of times. The kids love making their own as they can add their own toppings. I cheat and by the ready made bases from Tesco and they are fab. It certainly works out cheaper than buying a takeaway and they are much tastier than buying ready made shop bought one's. My usual topping is tomato puree, onions, mushrooms, salami, pineapple and cheese.

What have you loved in March?

Monday, 30 March 2020

Our weekly meal plan! 30th March - 5th April. #MealPlanningMonday

Last weeks meal plan went well, we swapped a couple of meals around but we ate everything I had planned apart from the roast dinner on Sunday. I made enough curry on Saturday to have on Sunday too. By midweek we had started to run out of tins. Beans and peas mostly and they are a staple in our diet but thankfully a little corner shop was well stocked and not too overpriced.

I have been so good this year and have made a point of eating breakfast every day. I have a yoghurt and a muffin most days. It might not be the healthiest but it's working for me. I ate all the muffins I had and was starting to skip breakfast again. I had thought about baking my own but we were running low on flour but when I visited the little corner shop they had a great selection of muffins in! Hooray! I also found some sweet waffles and brioche for the kids too! I am hoping to get some mince for the spaghetti bolognese later in the week but if I can't it will be a veggie one. 

This week on the menu we have:

Monday - Minced Beef Hotpot and veg. A frozen tray bake from Iceland.
TuesdayTuna fish cakes, chips and baked beans.
WednesdayChinese chicken & egg fried rice. I found some Chinese marinade seasoning in the cupboard which I'll use.
Thursday - Spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread.
Friday - Leftover bolognese in wraps. If I can't get wraps it will be in tacos.
Saturday - A freezer dive. Pizza, onion rings, chicken dippers and corn on the cob.
SundaySausages, mash & veg.

What are you eating this week?

Sunday, 29 March 2020

She's not loving the lock down! #MySundaySnapshot

Not being able to get out and about is effecting us all but out of my family I know my teen Becky is most bothered by it.

She hasn't been able to meet up with her friends, go to college or see her girlfriend. It is hitting her hard. She's was feeling a little lost and sad at the start of the week but as the week has gone on she has just learned to accept things are the way they are and there's nothing she can do about it.

Her and her girlfriend have made the best of a bad situation and thank goodness for technology. They've been phoning each other and video chatting and as the week has gone on she's realised she just has to get on with things and treat it as a long distance relationship.

Saturday, 28 March 2020

Week 13 of #Project366 - A photo every day for a year!

I hope you are all keeping well and are staying safe. We're all OK here and at the moment my girls are enjoying being home from school. They've got on with the work set for them and then spent most afternoons in the garden. The weather has been lovely and I would like it to last but looking at the weather forecast the temperature is set to drop over the weekend. Typical when I have ordered lots of things for the garden. lol

Now for a photo every day!

My girls on the sofa eating homemade pizza.
My cards off my girls featuring Dobby off Harry Potter.
My fella fixing the shed window and my fella and my girls skipping
My youngest daughter just posing and my teen messing about on a scooter

81/366 - 21st March
We had our usual Saturday night in front of the TV which involved home made pizza, snacks, Ant & Dec & The Voice.

82/366 - 22nd March
Mother's day and it was the best day. The girls spoilt me rotten with a few of gifts and some fantastic cards. My teen is getting very good at finding things on ebay. hehehe

83/366 - 23rd March
Stu was laid off from work over the weekend but has made a point of doing lots of DIY jobs around the house and in the garden. Monday's job was fixing and painting the shed window. Since then he's painted the outside of the house, weeded the garden and mowed the lawn. I told him not to rush or he'll be out of jobs soon.

84/366 - 24th March
Fun in the garden with some skipping ropes. I may have had a go and nearly passed out from all the jumping and exercise.

85/366 - 25th March
As much as the kids would like to stay in their pj's every day I have made sure they get dressed and Ellie is looking so grown up. The clothes she had one were hand me downs from her sister but she's starting to care more about what goes with what.

86/366 - 26th March
Messing around in the garden again.

87/366 - 27th March
And in the garden again. I am so glad we got this trampoline a few weeks ago. The kids have had great fun with it.

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Friday, 27 March 2020

This week my Word of the Week is: Home! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

I hope you are all keeping well and are staying home as much as you can. What a week! 

We ventured out as a family for the last time last Friday. We went for a bike ride and it was lovely but since then the kids haven't left the house apart from going out into the back garden where they have spent most afternoons. Hasn't the weather been lovely?!

I popped out yesterday to pick up a few bits from the shops. I've given up even looking on the supermarket websites for a delivery slot. Tesco didn't have much in but the other shops locally did. I even managed to get some tinned goods.

Stu was laid off from work over the weekend so he has been home all week which has been really strange. Even when the kids are off school and college for their holidays he usually works so it's been quite the novelty. We're all enjoying each other's company and so far the kids haven't complained about being bored.

I have bought a couple of things for the garden which will be here sometime over the next few days. A swingball set and a giant noughts and crosses set which should keep them amused a bit longer. I also bought some seeds, plant pots, compost and gardening stuff off ebay. It's the only place left that I could find who had seeds for sale. It seems everyone has been out in their garden this week. I can't wait to start growing things. We're starting easy with tomatoes, strawberries and sunflowers. 

The kids have done really well getting on with their school and college work. We have got into a good routine. Becky's college tutors are really on the ball. She hadn't checked in with them online on Wednesday even though she had been doing her work and they text me to check she was getting on OK and remind her she has an assignment is due today (which she handed in yesterday). She got straight online to check in. Oops.

Not seeing my dad for the past week has been strange and hard. We moved here last year to be closer to him and now we can't see him. It's a bit of a bummer but we are speaking on the phone at least once a day. Up until the weekend he was pushing his luck being out and about but he has finally realised that he needs to stay home. Now he isn't working it's given him time to work on one of his vintage cars. I can't wait to see the progress when this is all over. 

Thursday, 26 March 2020

(Ad - Gifted) PLAYMOBIL Easter Egg - Diner Waitress with Counter - Review!

Chocolate Easter eggs are great but sometimes it's nice to give or receive an Easter gift that will last a bit longer than a chocolate egg. Now you can liven up the Easter break for little ones this year with a fun, entertaining and long-lasting chocolate alternative: the PLAYMOBIL Easter Egg!

Ellie has always been a big fan of PLAYMOBIL. A few years ago she got some money for Christmas and bought the PLAYMOBIL Hospital which she still has and will play with now and again. It has always been a dream of hers to have a PLAYMOBIL Easter Egg but it's always been one of those things we have never got around to getting, until now when we were sent one to review!


With four coloured eggs to choose from, each containing a new surprise character from the PLAYMOBIL world, the beloved toy maker's latest collection will cater to every child's interest this Easter. 

We were sent the Diner Waitress with Counter!

Form an orderly queue to place your orders. The waitress will serve you soon! The pink egg introduces the Diner Waitress with Counter. The set comes with all the accessories needed for fast dining fun, including diner counter with monitor, tray, burger, bowl of chips and drinking cup. 

The contents of the PLAYMOBIL Easter Egg ready to be put together
My youngest putting the Diner Waitress with Counter together
The Playmobil Diner Waitress with Counter assembled

Ellie couldn't wait to get into the egg and get the set assembled. She had no trouble with at and didn't really look at the instructions. The only fiddly bit was putting the burger together but she got there eventually. She loves it and it is now in her bedroom on her shelf. The shelf where all of her most special and treasured things go.

As well as the pink egg we received there are 3 others in the PLAYMOBIL Easter range. There is something for everyone.

The other sets of PLAYMOBIL Easter Eggs you can get. Policeman, maiden and knight.

Keep the neighbourhood safe and sound with the Police Officer with Dog. The blue egg contains two figures, a range of police officer accessories and all the kit needed to keep your pooch happy in a day on the beat, including dog leash, bone, dog food and dog blanket.

Recreate fairy stories at home with the Maiden with Geese. Cast in a range of classic folklore tales, the goose has a reputation for its curiosity, sassy personality and entertainment value. The green egg contains one goose girl and three geese, as well as pond and stick accessories. 

Head into battle with the red egg’s Knight with Cannon. Defend the toybox against invasion with this host of vital equipment supplies, including cannon, bullets, double axe and sword. 

The PLAYMOBIL Easter Eggs are available to buy from Amazon, the Playmobil website and other good retailers for around £4.99 each.

We were sent the PLAYMOBIL Easter Egg - Diner Waitress with Counter free of charge in exchange for this blog post.