Thursday 23 April 2020

The silver lining's to the lock down.

The past few weeks have been awful for businesses, not seeing extended family, friends and the amount of stress and worry it has caused has been unreal but even with all the bad I have found some good things about being stuck at home.

Less money is being spent!
There is no "can I have £1 to go to the shop" or "mam, can I have £20 to go into town to meet friends" from the kids. They are using the internet to chat to friends so they don't need credit put onto their phones. I am not nipping out for snacks, there is no takeaways and I am not spending money on going into town just for a look around then probably buying things I don't really need. 

I have been shopping locally!
Instead of relying on supermarket deliveries I have been shopping locally. The farm shop, butchers and the little corner shop. Me and the man are on first name terms now. hehehe It might be a little bit more expensive but I feel like I am supporting the local community.

I am using what we have in the kitchen!
I couldn't get any shopping delivered until yesterday so I have been using what we have in. Packets, things in the freezer and at the back of the cupboards which I had forgotten about.

I appreciate people more!
I always knew teachers, doctors, nurses, shop workers, bin men, bus drivers and all the key workers are amazing but over the past few weeks it has given me a whole new level of respect for them! After this, they all deserve a pay rise!! 

We don't have to go to the cinema!
A month or so ago I had seen the trailer for Military Wives but didn't fancy going to the cinema to see it. I didn't have to wait long because Sky is getting films on that are in cinemas early because of the coronavirus. Becky was gutted she went to and paid to see The Invisible Man then a couple of weeks later it was on Sky. At £15.99 a film it's a little more expensive than a normal film but for us it works out cheaper than getting the bus there and back and paying for the cinema.

I am getting to spend time with my girls.
Before social distancing and the lockdown it was getting to the point where I hardly saw my girls as they were out with friends. Now they have been at home we've got to spend some quality time together and they really are fab people. We have had so many giggles and fun times, yes there has been arguments but on the whole they are a pleasure to be around.

The kids have tried different things!
The things we have never quite got around to. Planting things, playing swingball and messing about with Orbeez. We've baked things we normally wouldn't, they've involved me in the school work and they've played together, without arguments, doing random things like making obstacle courses in the garden and my youngest is on with writing their own comic.

We have got so much done around the house!
Stu has been busy doing jobs he doesn't usually have time for. Painting, gardening and more painting. We have made the most of the nice weather and the back garden has never looked so good.

Have you found any silver linings during the lock down?


  1. Aw, it's nice to read something positive about the lockdown. We've been catching up on jobs around the house and garden too.
    It's a bit tough not seeing friends and family but we've been having get togethers on Zoom and Facetime so we've had a few giggles on there. x

    1. It has given us so much time to catch up on those jobs we never quite get around to. Thank you x

  2. I’m a retail worker but sadly currently on 12weeks isolation. Really missing work but am getting on top of my to be read pile and we’ve been doing work in the garden. Making some changes. We’ve been here 21 years so getting bored with it now. I will be glad to go back to work tho. It’s all very well being off on full pay but I’m no good without routine.

    1. Oh no! I hope you're OK! It sounds like you're getting loads done. x