Saturday 18 April 2020

Week 16 of #Project366 - A photo every day for a year!

Another week of lock down has passed and I've got to the point where I am well and truly sick of it. For a few weeks it was not exactly fun but it was nice to spend time with my fella and girls but now it's getting frustrating. There is a lot of things I am missing, we're spending a small fortune shopping locally and I know we have to stay in our homes and away from others until we are told otherwise but it's frustrating. I'm just having a moan.

Now for a photo every day.

Shania Twain on the TV and my girls with their Easter eggs
The sun peeking through the clouds.
My girls making some birthday cards
A pink flower and the parasol in the garden
My fox cross stitch

102/366 - 11th April
There wasn't much on TV on Saturday night after Britain's Got Talent until we found a Shania Twain concert. I do love her. The kids weren't too impressed to start with but they did end up singing along.

103/366 - 12th April
Easter eggs! They have all been eaten now. lol

104/366 - 13th April
It was such a gloomy and grey day on Monday until the sun decided to come out at about 6pm. I'm glad to say the rest of the week has been lovely!

105/366 - 14th April
The girls were making birthday cards for my dad's partner.

106/366 - 15th April
We had a walk to my dad's to drop off Sarah's cards and presents. (We all kept our distance). It was so nice to see all the pretty flowers on the tree's on the way. Spring has most definitely sprung!

107/366 - 16th April
I spent an hour sat in the garden with my laptop now the parasol has been found and put up. It was far too hot for me.

108/366 - 17th April
My fox cross stitch is just about finished. Finally! I had to stop yesterday as my fingers were aching! It will be done by the end of the weekend for sure! 

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  1. Your girls look very happy with their Easter eggs. Sorry to hear you're getting fed up with lockdown now. We're spending significantly less money at the moment as we're not going out anywhere or even filling the cars up. It would be nice to get out though! Your cross stitch is looking lovely.

  2. The cross stitch looks great. Glad to see you managed to get Easter eggs and a walk outside probably did you the world of good too. This is my first week in confinement on holiday and it's great ! I've finally got time to do all the odd jobs around the house. I could see it would get boring after a while though, so maybe it's just as well I still have my work to keep me busy (maybe lol). xx

  3. I know what you mean about feeling frustrated. I'm using video calls more and more because I miss friends and family.
    I love your fox cross stitch, at least you have a nice hobby to keep you busy. :)

  4. It is frustrating being stuck inside and not being able to see people in person. Glad your girls enjoyed their Easter eggs. The flowers on the trees are so pretty. I need to get my husband to get our parasol out at some point - it's a bit heavy and awkward for me to get out. Love your fox craft stitch. Stay safe x #project366

  5. have to admit to loving the slow pace of life this lock down has given us
    I am not a sun worshipper either, but then I never sit in the garden.
    I hope Sarah liked her cards, cant beat a home made one.

  6. Ooh love a bit of Shania Twain. Not sure N would be impressed either! Glad you had a good easter. I need to get a new parasol as we've no shade - my one I had from my mum's house when she died, got chewed up by mice. I was not happy!

  7. The girls look very happy with their Easter eggs. That is a good haul. Sorry to hear you're getting fed up with lockdown, it is hard. I think working has helped break it up a bit and still finding it quite a novelty. I love Shania Twain. I went to see her in concert a few years back xxx

  8. I love your cross stitch Kim, and the girls look happy with their Easter eggs. Sorry you are getting frustrated with lockdown, it's hard isn't it, and sometimes feels we are living in a surreal movie. Take care x

  9. It's been quite cloudy and rainy this week. Aww how sweet to make cards and the flowers are pretty. The fox cross-stitch looks great!

  10. Your girls look very pleased with their stash of chocolate eggs. We've had quite a few as well. Yum! Your cross stitch is lovely. The lockdown is wearing me down too, more psychologically than physically, it's just draining all enthusiasm, and I'm fed up with home-schooling as well. Keep safe!

  11. Is that the cross stitch Elaine sent you? Fab Easter egg haul for the girls and what a lovely idea to make a card. Sorry you're feeling trapped in at the moment, I guess we're all hitting that spot at different times

  12. Must admit the lockdown is getting to me now as well. Had enough. Just want life to return to 'normal' but can't see that happening for a while.

    Fab stash of eggs!

  13. The girls look happy with their Easter eggs. Well done on the cross stitch.

  14. Oh the cross stitch is lovely, well done. I finished my first craft project of lockdown this week. Although like you as much as its nice having the kids at home the work/homeschool balance is slowly killing me. I use to listen to Shania Twain all the time and love her. So nice to make cards I hope she had a lovely birthday. Our food bill has gone through the roof!

  15. The girls look very happy with their eggs. I think it's ok to have a moan, it's a weird space we are in, isn't it?

  16. Sometimes I really love lockdown but then I have to try to get the kids off their screens to do some work and hell is unleashed! I a about to start the six wives of HenryVIII in cross stitch once I've finished my Christmas cards. We are stil eating our easter eggs! #project366