Wednesday 8 April 2020

I have seen the worst and the best of people.

It has been a crazy few weeks thanks to the coronavirus and it really has brought out the best and the worst of people. I have found myself in tears crying about the situation some people have found themselves in but then I have cried because of the lovely, amazing things people are doing to help.

There was course has been the locusts emptying the shelves which is so selfish and thoughtless buying a ridiculous amount of food and leaving nothing for those who are at work, working in hospitals saving our lives or the elderly. I hope those people who panic bought haven't been shopping again buying more essentials like pasta & loo roll. My fella was speaking to one of his old workmates who now works in a big electronics store and was on about how people were going out and buying big freezers to fill with their stockpiled food. They are so lucky they could afford to do that, what about the people who struggle to even do their food shop on a day to day basis!

A couple of weeks ago three staff in our little Tesco were in tears one day after being shouted at and abused by people for not having things on their shelves. It's not their fault why couldn't people understand that! We have a few shops in my little town and Tesco has been the worst hit and I really think it's because they weren't getting the deliveries. Most of the independent shops now have fully stocked shelves.

A lot of shops and companies have done amazingly well but there's other's which have shown their true colours and treat their staff awfully. It's certainly made me think about who I will be shopping with when all this is over with.

Over the weekend again there was people not playing by the rules. Out sitting in parks, sunbathing, having BBQ's with friends and family. Why can't they just stay at home?

The scams started quickly. Enter your details and goodness knows what they'll do with them. My dad's partner was saying she read on Facebook about how you had to make sure all your washing was off the line and all people were inside because the army was going to be spraying disinfectant. That did make me chuckle though!

For every person doing stupid things there is 100 doing amazing things to help and make things better.

There is all the rainbows up at all the windows. The rainbow trend started in Italy but has rapidly caught on in other countries. When I went to the shop last week it was so lovely to see all the windows with rainbows in. Even the businesses which are closed are asking for some to put in their windows.

I am in a local Facebook group for the little town where I live and it has been amazing to see people pulling together to help. A woman who has her own soap company donating it to those who need it. Our bus service has been greatly reduced so people were offering lifts into town to get to work for free, people have offered to get shopping for those who can't go out and the doctors surgery asked for help to get prescriptions to those who needed them. People stepped up and offered to help. It is so wonderful to see. 

Our local council asked for people to help those self isolating and the elderly and people signed up to help and everyone who has asked for help has got it. It makes me so glad that I live here.

All the local businesses who don't usually deliver have been like the farm shop, butchers and takeaways. They keep having to stop and start the service as so many people are using them but they are doing a great job.

I have seen people ask on a local Facebook group for dog food and specialist food and others offering some of what they have. There has been people giving away nappies, books and toys that their kids have grown out of just so other kids can have something different to do.

Here we have had people doing karaoke in their garden on a Sunday evening to cheer everyone up. Each week the whole street has been out clapping, saying thank you to the NHS & the key workers. Thank you to everyone who is keeping this country running as best as it can. You're all amazing!

I hope you have all been managing OK and have seen the best of people too!


  1. i felt guilty getting 2 huge cartons of milk yesterday despite them all being reduced to 25p in the Coop , theyve gone in the freezer

  2. Yes, the current situation has brought the worst and the best in people. I've seen rainbows and teddies all around in town as well.
    I was recently invited to join in the local community group, and having a good look around, I'm not sure if I'm going to stay. People are very judgmental and squabbling about lots of things. I only lurked and haven't posted anything, but I think I will quietly quit it.