Saturday 4 April 2020

Week 14 of #Project366 - A photo every day for a year!

Before we moved and Ellie wasn't having a great time at her old school I did think about pulling her out and home schooling her. I am so glad I didn't! I swear once this virus has gone and the kids go back to school all the teachers need a pay rise! We have realised home schooling is not for us but we're plodding on. We've had a broken hot tap on the bath, I am having issues with my electric bill again and can't contact the company to query it because they are only accepting emergency calls and my arms are aching from playing too much swingball.

As much as I am complaining it hasn't been a bad week. We sacked the home schooling off, played Minecraft and planted seeds, the tap was fixed and if I keep playing swingball I am going to have an arm like Popeye! lol

Now for a photo every day!

My youngest with a bow on her nose, being cute and my teen sat on a beanbag looking moody
My girls in the garden playing swingball and a box of plant pots
A tapestry kit. A swan
My girls doing some Easter colouring and the online game Hearthstone

88/366 - 28th March
Ellie had been in the garage playing with the craft stuff. I snapped this when she was being cute.

89/366 - 29th March
Becky looks depressed in this photo but she really wasn't. She was just engrossed in a game she was playing on her tablet.

90/366 - 30th March
The kids playing swingball. It is such fun!

91/366 - 31st March
My dad said he would drop a few plant pots over, I expected 10 at the most not this many! I got quite the surprise when I saw these on my doorstep. I've had a look on pinterest and there are a ton of craft ideas using them. It will give us something to do.

92/366 - 1st April
The lovely Elaine from Fun As a Gran said in her 366 blog post last week she had sent me a surprise and it arrived on Wednesday! After having a rough morning trying to get the girls to do their school and college work it was just what I needed to cheer me up! I can't wait to get started on it! Thank you! 

93/366 - 2nd April
The kids did not want to do any colouring until I printed out some Eater sheets. They decided to make some Easter cards for the rest of the family. They were on a good couple of hours.

94/366 - 3rd April
I've started playing Hearthstone again. It's an online game based on the other online game World of Warcraft. It's a card type came, sort of like Top Trumps. I like it.

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  1. Even as a teacher, it can be tough getting the kids into home schooling - there are far too many other interesting things they'd rather be doing, which is something we don't have to deal with in the classroom ! I did think Becky looked depressed so I'm glad she was just playing ! xx

  2. The home schooling is not worth stressing over. Glad she was able to concentrate on something, hope the game helped to chill her out.
    Nice to see them out in the garden playing together.
    ooohhh visions of Bill and Ben made from flower pots, look forward to seeing what you do with them

  3. It's good to hear that you are all happy and managing to stay busy. There's certainly plenty of plant pots there! How lovely of Elaine to send you that surprise.

  4. How lovely of Elaine to send you the cross stitch, have fun doing it. Becky does look like she's fed up there lol. What ideas do you have for the plant pots? I've been doing a lot of crafting from the internet that parents have been sharing, it's quite fun, stay well

  5. How lovely to receive a surprise, bet that made your day. You have inspired me to dig swingball out of the shed

  6. Aww, what a lovely surprise from Elaine! The swan cross stitch looks very pretty. What will you do with all the plant pots? Swingball sounds great fun. Becky does look a bit melancholic in that image, but who knows what we look like, when we read or play on ipads?! The home-schooling is not easy, don't think I would want to do it full-time.

  7. Home schooling definitely isn't for us either. Too many distractions - I want to be a mum not his teacher! We loved swingball as children, but the version we had for N was rubbish, itwouldn't stay upright. Sticking it in the ground would be better. Might have to buy another version.

  8. The home schooling is not worth stressing about. As long as they are doing something, even if it's learning through play. Glad they have been out playing together in the garden. It is hard to do schooling, we have left them to it xx

  9. I think it is hard to 'homeschool' when you are forced into it and totally unprepared to do it. But I am with you that the teachers need a pay rise!

    We had swingball once...must look in the shed to see if we still have it or I got rid! Can't remember.

  10. Homeschooling in these conditions I think is more challenging than homeschooling generally - I saw something on social media that put it as being "crisis schooling" and that made a lot of sense to me. The kids are having to deal with the fact that their lives have been completely turned upside down too and I think a break is a good plan right now anyway. How lovely to receive the tapestry kit and I love the photo of the girls playing swingball. I used to love playing that when I was a kid too. #project366

  11. Awww how thoughtful of Elaine, it looks like a great picture and I really do like a printed canvas. I can not remember the last time I played swing ball. Thats a lot of pots. I am with you on the home schooling. My patience is simply not good enough! Have a lovely Easter x

  12. Cute Ellie. Becky does look depressed. My parents aren't homeschooling me as I'm in college but studying while knowing your stuck at home is slowly taking a toll on me. Swing ball sounds like fun. Awww how sweet of Elaine!

  13. That was the surprise then? That was nice of Elaine. Hope you enjoy doing it.

  14. I do homeschool one and I am with you, it is not for the faint hearted or easy. My teen will be very glad to go back to school when it's safe again.
    I need some plant pots... send them my way! ;)

  15. My home learning has tailed off and we are enjoying more diverse activities such as shoelace tying! How lovely of Elaine to send you a treat! #project366