Tuesday 7 April 2020

(Ad - Gifted) Some wonderful outdoor toys from Wicked! - Review!

I was sent these toys to review from Wicked Vision and this blog post was meant to be all about getting the kids outside during the Easter holidays and an alternative to buying an Easter egg but with everything that's gone on over the past few weeks they have been a great way to keep the kids amused and give them a break from school work. We haven't had the full opportunity to test everything out as we need more space for one of the products and a pump which is at my dad's to blow the Body Bubble up.

Enjoying the outdoors (in a safe way) and each other’s company goes a long way. It’s the perfect way to burn off that energy and have a good night’s sleep (both parents and kids). Having the garden has been a god send lately and the kids couldn't wait to try out these toys!

New to the Wicked Sky Rider range is the uniquely shaped Air Square! (RRP £10.00) With its precision weighted design, the Air Square flies incredible distances with a smooth stable flight path. Catch with ease thanks to the soft rubberised corners that make the Air Square look amazing as it flies through the air!

This was one of the products we haven't fully tested. With only being allowed in the garden we haven't been able to throw it far. I had the girls sat on the grass in the hope they didn't throw it into next doors gardens. They did have fun with it and it does look so impressive when it is in flight. We can't wait to get to the park with it!

With a flight range of 4-6 metres, the Wicked Indoor Booma (RRP £6.00) allows you to throw and catch like a pro in the confines of an office, bedroom, park or gym. Made from special Memorang foam, feel free to fling them about the heads of your classmates or work colleagues secure in the knowledge that they’re completely safe!

The kids have been throwing this all over and it really is safe. I've been hit on the head by it a few times and it obviously gave me a shock but it didn't hurt. Something like this is great for throwing about without the worry of it breaking anything.

What we have fully tested and have been loving is the Wicked Mega Jump. (RRP £10.00) They the next step in jump ropes! Jump faster, jump better, thanks to the nifty features they've incorporated ball-bearing axles for super smooth rope rotation, great quality thin rope for high speed and textured handle to increase grip meaning you don't need to worry about it even when you're busting out super cool tricks.

What I did like about these jump ropes is that you can adjust the length of the ropes so they are right for you by simply taking the cap of the handle and adjusting the rope and cutting off any excess.

The girls really loved these and for the last couple of weeks they have been played with every day! They really do turn more smoothly than normal skipping ropes. I would highly recommend these and the girls would too.

Have you been spending more time out in the garden lately?


  1. Sounds like a great way for them to burn off some energy. I did have a giggle at you getting smacked in the head by the Booma - sorry ! lol

  2. I got offered these and your post makes me want to take up the offer. What fun! #MMBC