Wednesday 22 April 2020

Fruit Bowl Has Launched a Friends and Family Facebook Group!

It is hard to keep kids amused at the best of times but now they are spending more time at home I know I am running out of ideas fast but the UK based children’s snacks and treats company Fruit Bowl have launched their Fruit Bowl Friends and Family Facebook group to inspire parents and families with fun tasks to keep little hands busy at home.

They are sharing crafts, activities, recipes and resources each day and hope to support parents during this tough time. Anyone is welcome to join the public group, with parents encouraged to share tips on keeping little ones busy. I think it is such a fantastic idea.

The Jungle Frog Trumpet craft is a taster of what they are sharing!
You will need:
Paper Cup
Colourful Paints
Large Pom Poms
Googly Eyes
Thin Foam or Card
Birthday Party Trumpet

1. Paint the outside of the paper cup a bright colour, leaving the rim to be painted red. Leave to dry.
2. Cut two arms and legs from the foam or card.
3. Once the cup is dry, very carefully cut a cross the base of the cut.
4. Push the birthday party trumpet through the cut cross with the mouth end poking through the base.
5. Stick the arms and legs on the cup.
7. Stick the two pom poms onto the top of the cup.
8. Stick the googly eyes onto the pompoms.
9. Blow the horn!

Loved by families for 20 years, Fruit Bowl create everyday fruit snacks and yummy fruit treats many of which contribute towards your child’s 5 a day! If you are struggling to get to the supermarket at the moment or self-isolating Fruit Bowl products are also available for delivery via their online shop for stress free shopping!


  1. Fruit Bowl make my daughter's favourite treats and I always have to include them in my shopping. But my 'little girl' is now 31 so I don't think she would be making a never know though, if she gets bored :) I'll let my Little Man know about the site though, I bet he'll like it :)

  2. Sounds a fan group to get information and inspiration x

  3. What a nice idea. I think crafts are always a good boredom buster, especially for younger kids. I love the yogurt coated Fruit Bowl snacks, they are soooooo good! x

    1. My two love crafts even at their ages. They're great for getting rid of boredom. x