Friday 17 April 2020

This week my Word of the Week is: Missing! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

We have had quite a good week but this week we have realised that we are missing a lot of things from our life before coronavirus. This isn't a post for you to feel sorry for us, we're happy and we're healthy but we're just frustrated with the situation we're in.

The kids are missing their friends deeply. They had got to the point before coronavirus where they were spending more time with their friends than not. Their friends would come here and they would go to their houses, Becky would go into town with her friends and Ellie would go to the park with her's. Becky has been video chatting with her girlfriend every day and Ellie chats to her friends on Roblox and her best friend rang me the other day just to speak to Ellie. Ellie was struggling to chat to her as she was getting upset about not being able to see her. 

I have really missed my dad and his partner this week. It was Sarah's birthday and we took some presents to her and spent about 15 minutes having a catch up of course keeping our distance and having a chat in my dad's front garden. My dad is missing having his freedom. He couldn't buy Sarah a birthday present as he is classed as being at risk with being over 70 years old. I had to buy some flowers for him to give to Sarah. 

I am missing being able to shop properly. I have a couple of delivery slots booked, one for next week and another for 10 days later but it's frustrating only being able to buy a maximum of 80 things from Tesco. I can't seem to get a delivery slot with anyone else, I have tried. When you add 3 tins of beans, peas, carrots, custard, sweetcorn, beans and sausages, tomatoes that's over 20 things! Yes we can shop at our local Tesco but they only sell top priced things. Ugh! Our weekly shopping bill has gone up from about £80 per week to about £150. Not good at all.

I was missing the soaps being on the TV but it turns out instead of watching the soaps I have been watching films with the kids. We have had some lovely evenings together. I think even when the soaps all come back on I will carry on watching films with the kids.

We spent most of last weekend in the garden digging, painting and planting some flower seeds. I ached for 2 days after but it was worth it. It looks so good out there now. Stu has painted the fence, well most of it. He ran out with a couple of panels to go. It doesn't matter it's a common colour paint so we will get more. 

As I type this I'm sat outside with the parasol above me trying to keep the sun out of my face and off my laptop. The weather has been lovely.


  1. The weather really has been lovely, we've been so spoilt and the wildlife is loving it. We don't really watch telly, so our children have always watched movies and I do love it. It's so nice introducing them to some of our favourites as they get older :)
    You guys stay well x

  2. It's so hard not being able to do the things we are used to doing and getting out and about too, isn't it? I think most of us have moments when the reality sinks back in and we miss those things. Glad that you were able to see your dad and his partner on her birthday albeit from a distance. Shopping is very frustrating with struggling to get slots and being limited. My husband ventured out to one of the big supermarkets this week and it took him about three hours to do our big shop. We're finding food shopping expensive at the moment as well. Looks like you've been busy in the garden and Ellie looks like she is enjoying sitting out there. Hope that you have a nice weekend x #WotW

  3. Ahh I know the feeling. Madam had a phone chat with her BFF the other week and I'm going to see if we can organise another one. I gave up with home delivery and am braving the shops. Smaller supermarkets not the big ones and only once a week. Take care all Karen - Early Rising Mum

  4. "Missing" is a great word for this week. I am missing a lot of things from my normal life, especially my grandkids! So nice that you could celebrate your dad's partner's birthday, even if you had to keep your distance.

  5. This is our first week without our usual supermarket slot. I used a couple of local companies instead. They usually deliver to pubs and restaurants, which are obviously closed, so they are now delivering to homes instead. Bit different. I think I've roughly spent the same, as the choice is more limited and no tempting extras. Your garden is going to look amazing. It will be worth the aches. Frustrating on the fence paint, but lucky it's a colour that is easy to get...usually. Hope you have a lovely weekend. #wotw

  6. I think we are all missing a lot of things. I'm missing the peace and quiet of not having anyone around. There was a time last night when I felt all 'Home Alone' and wished my family would just disappear! Not nice I know, but it can get to you sometimes. It sounds weird but I'm happy I don't have elderly relatives to think about. apart from my brother, but he's staying safe and we are keeping in touch by phone. I'm doing okay with my shopping now, which is a great relief. x

  7. Its such an odd time isnt it? I also feel sad for my boys for the same reasons, I cant imagine how I would have felt having to stay home at their age, but at the same time am so fearful of this virus that I will be worried about getting back to normal too. But do miss being able to go out, the theatre and seeing friends and family x