Thursday 10 October 2013

DYLON Black Wash & Dye - Review!!

When I was a teenager my friend and I came up with a great idea of dying some of our old clothes which were stained and looking worn....We made a right We had black hands for about a week and our mothers were not happy with the state we left the kitchen

When I was offered the chance to review some of the DYLON Black Wash & Dye from the lovely people at BzzAgent I wasn't so sure but threw caution to the wind and thought I would give it a try!

 "Breathing new life into a faded top or old pair of jeans has never been so easy, with Wash & Dye reviving colour is as simple as it sounds. DYLON Wash & Dye’s unique all-in-one formula dyes fabrics as it washes them, so you can achieve an intense new look or take faded greys back to black with minimum effort. DYLON Wash & Dye gives your dark colours renewed intensity with permanent results you can be proud of.."

I had finally got the bottom of the washing basket (it doesn't happen often) So thought it would be an ideal time to give this dye a try....

I had a pair of jeans which are so comfy and have a lot of wear left in them but they're a blacky/grey colour and are faded to what they were when I first bought them...A pair of Becky's pale pink 3/4 length jeans which are looking rather dingy and a pair of Ellie's white jeans which are very stained and she's just been using to play outside in.....

To use it is so simple....Open the packet carefully while wearing gloves...You don't want the dye to stain your hands and put it into the drum of the washing machine.....Add whatever you want to dye and then put it on a 40 degree cotton cycle with no pre-wash or economy setting. When that is done add your normal washing powder and run the machine again then dry the fabric as normal.....

 When I put the washer on to the wash cycle I was worried....It definitely turned the clothes black as well as my washing machine...I didn't hold out much hope that when I put the washing powder in that it would clean the mess up....

Well....The washing finished and I put it on again with washing powder and some fabric conditioner and the end result was a lot better then I expected!! To say I was shocked is a bit of an understatement, but very pleasantly shocked....The items I put in came out very black and they looked as good as new!! It's really brought the items back to life....So much so the kids thought I'd bought them new

 The washing machine looked clean but I wasn't chancing putting anything white in.....I did a wash of towels afterwards just to be on the safe side but there was no staining on them!!

The entire process was easy, hassle free and very productive! Old, tired, worn out clothes transformed!!

I was sent a selection of DYLON Fabric Dyes free of charge to try....This is my honest review....All thoughts and opinions are my own!! 


  1. Oooh wow ....I have always wanted to try this, but was scared of the result I may get....but how amazing are those results x

  2. I love Dylon! I was petrified the first time I used a washing machine Dye but it gave amazing results.

    1. I thought uh-oh when I first started the It is a fab product x

  3. That's a great idea! And so easy to use too. #PoCoLo

  4. We dyed our curtains once with this - worked a treat! # pocolo

    1. I never thought of dying the curtains....Ohh you have me thinking now :) x

  5. I love this stuff. I had a favourite skirt, white floor length linen. I got bike chain oil on it, it would not wash out. I dyloned it a deep reddish colour - the kids asked if I'd bought a new skirt. ;)

  6. Oh I need some of this!! I have a beloved black jacket that's gone faded grey , ugh! A friend of mine dyed all her muslin cloths green when her second baby was born, I thought that was a fantastic idea!

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...