Tuesday 22 October 2013

If I Could Have Just One Room…

If you could have just one room, all to yourself, what would be in it? What colours would you choose? What would it smell like? 

The fabulous Jocelyn over at The Reading Residence tagged me in If I Could Have Just One Room meme and this is my perfect room!!

Firstly my perfect room would have to have a great  view....Not looking out onto fields or the ocean....That would get boring after a while seeing the same scene I could buy a canvas with scenery on for that....

I would like to look out on to a busy street seeing the hustle and bustle of the world going by.....Of course the room would have to be soundproof so when I got sick of the outside world I could close the window blank the outside world out....

This room would be where I can go and get some peace from the kids....lol It would be my room so there would be none of the girls toys and junk they seem to collect...hehehe

I would have a huge comfy armchair or sofa with a couple of big cushions on....I like cushions! I do all my blogging from my armchair now so why change everything....I like to sit in comfort when I'm on the internet so no sitting at a desk using a desktop computer for me....

Of course I would have my laptop or even a brand new one which is better then the one I'm using at the moment....With everything I need on it....

I would have an endless supply of chocolate and cupcakes appear in the room without me having to shop for them and feel the guilt of buying too many at once....Every chocolate bar I could think of and a few I've never tried before...lol

I would also have a fantastic hot beverage machine which would make every thing I could think of....Filter coffee, cappuccino's, Espresso's and Hot Chocolate...I love coffee during the day usually to keep me awake and a hot chocolate on an evening....Yummy!!

The room would be bright and colourful....Of course having lots of pictures of my girls around the room...The room doesn't have to be massive....Just a box room would do me as long as it was my space....Oh and the smell....Something fruity!! Strawberries perhaps! Yum!!
One thing I would need is a TV....I always have the tv on just for some background noise....I very rarely sit with both eyes on the tv but I do like to have it on...

I would have a wall mounted one as well as a Blu-ray player to watch all of my favorite box sets which I could watch when there's nothing on the TV....Of course all the discs will all be there in their boxes with no discs misplaced, scratched or drew on by the girls....Yes Ellie likes to draw on dvd's....lol

So that's my room.....What would yours be like?
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  1. This is brilliant! Why, oh why didn't I think to add refreshments to my room - very foolish of me?! Thanks very much for joining in x

  2. I love the sound of your perfect room, although you need to add the Twilight Saga and Pride & Prejudice to your viewing pile.

    1. I really need to sit down and watch the Twilight films....I've never seen them!! They are on my list of films to see....I just never get round to them....lol x

  3. Sounds great, loving the look of those cakes!

  4. Sounds perfect!!! I'd pick a city view too :) xx

  5. Liking the sound of a 'me room' - I so need one of those.

  6. I need one of these, sounds perfect

  7. ooooh I am liking the sound of that room, especially the endless supply of cupcakes, I'd need an endless supply of coffee as well and maybe some wine, and I'd like a forest view. :-)

  8. You've got it all covered ;-) #PoCoLo