Friday 11 October 2013

10 Day You Challenge! - Eight Fears....

Carrying this on from the previous weeks Ten Secrets & Nine Loves

 Eight Fears!.....Ohh I don't like this one!

1. Anything horrible happening to my girls....It breaks my heart to see them upset, scared or in pain!

2. Scary films!....I watched the film 'The Ring' and had nightmares for days that has put me off horror films....The thought of the Saw films make me feel sick and The Paranormal Activity ones make me feel so uneasy!

3. Phonecalls!....I really really hate making phone calls, especially to people I don't know!! I have to really psych myself up before making any phone call unless it is to family or close friends. If I can get someone else to make the phone call then I will...

4. Washing Glasses!....This may seem a little crazy but I hate and have a big fear of washing drinking glasses when doing the dishes...It all stems from when I was about 13 I was doing the dishes and a glass smashed as I was washing it and I had a really bad cut on my hand...I needed stiches and I still have the huge scar to prove it.

5. Other people's vomit!....This includes my childrens vomit...I am fine with my!

6. Hospitals!....Every time I have visited a hospital it has never been nice...Usually involving myself or someone I love being in pain!

7. Feet!....I hate other peoples I don't mind Becky and Ellie's but anyone else's feet freaks me out....I don't like the look of them and couldn't bear to touch someone else's feet....

8. Having no internet!....Imagine a world with no internet! No! That scares me....


  1. 3, 5, & 7 are biggies for me too. I hate the 'phone too, no idea why, I know it's irrational...I am not fine with my own vomit let alone anyone else's. I know it seems odd when I have to pick up Stella's dog poo every day but, sick? No thanks!... I don't actually mind other people's feet but can't bear my own. A reflexologist promised to cure my migraines but as soon as she tried to touch my feet I just flinched! It's not even a ticklishness, I just hate anyone near them!

    But you haven't mentioned spiders or dentists!

    1. I can't let people touch my feet....I'm so
      I'm terrified of spiders & dentists but wanted to think of the less obvious things x

  2. I'm with you on 1, 2 & 8! I cannot even let my mind drift to thoughts about anything bad happening to my girls either. And I cannot stand scary films, they literally haunt me for years afterwards. I think this comes back to being forced to watch Nightmare on Elm Street when I was way too young. And my goodness, no internet - where would we be??!!

    Great post, look forward to the next installment xx

    1. Ohh....Nightmare on Elm street....I'd blanked that from my mind till

  3. I love scary movies - love them! Obviously, I fear for my kids, too, and no 8 - it doesn't bear thinking about, does it?!