Sunday 20 October 2013

You're either a kid or really old.... #Funee

My girls know how old they are and Stu and my age but that's about it....In there eyes you're either a kid or really old....

I won a Gousto Box and had it delivered Wednesday....The same day the kids had their Harvest Festival at school...They had taken some tins in and had been told the food they had donated would be given to old people....

Imagine their amusement when they found out I had been given food the same day that the Harvest Festival food was been given out to old people....Ellie asked if I was one of the old people who was given food? Becky decided I was and only encouraged her....Becky said I must be old even if it wasn't her school which gave me the food someone did and only old people get food delivered....

We were looking through some old photo albums earlier in the week....Really old ones of when I was a child....She knew some of the photos were me but others she was convinced they were actually her...I did look like her when I was a child....She was convinced they were her....So much so she could even tell me the story of when the photos were taken.....This one was Christmas morning after Santa had been....Becky isn't in the photo because she had been naughty and didn't get any She had got the trampoline and spent all day bouncing on it until she had to go to bed....Such an imagination!!

There was another photo that they took notice of....One of my dad when he was about 11 or 12 years old about the the same age Becky is now....Becky said 'Was he in the war?' I said 'no, why do you think that?' Because he has a helmet on and it's in black and white and you only get black and white pictures during the war....I explained to her he was dressed in his horse riding clothes....He was in the Pony Club and it was the yearly photos they would take...Becky wasn't convinced because her Grandad is obviously so old cameras were not invented then.....

Wot So Funee?


  1. Oh bless. We are ancient to our kids aren't we x

  2. Wow, they are imaginative girls, and creative too! I like their versions better too! #WotSoFunee

  3. Hee hee giggling away because my girls keep asking about ages. Can just imagine them coming out with something similar :-)

  4. Oh dear they have absolutely no concept of age do they? Love that you got food delivered on Harvest festival day ;)