Friday 25 October 2013

Gaz Patterson - King Of You. An Album You Should Own!

Gaz Patterson did something we all wish we could do yet most of us never even attempt it let alone actually achieve it...That wish was to follow his dream and release his first album. 

I have to congratulate Gaz not only for believing in himself but for the hard work he has poured into this album.....

 Listening to the album you wouldn't guess that he is a home recording musician. In my opinion it's flawless.

On the whole King of You is an album I would gladly listen to time and time again. It hands down wins a place on my mp3 player. Now I'm no musician.....I may be out of touch when it comes to technical terms but what I can do is describe how music makes me feel....I picked a select few tracks to focus on but on the whole there are none I would skip past. 

'Walking Backwards' - As another reviewer put "a fast, catchy and punk attention grabbing track". I agree with this.....His lyrics to this track are something we can all relate to..... It's a been there, done that track!! For a first song it was that 'I get ya' feeling which made me want to listen to more.

'Going Out My Mind' - Again as another reviewer described "distinct bass line and guitar dubs". This punky song lyrically again speaks volumes. 

'Elona' -  I have always and will always have a soft spot for anything acoustic. It instantly washes over me a sense of calmness. This song does that. You can feel the love, sadness, wants and wishes behind this song. Everyone can empathize with the meaning behind this song and it really touches the heart.

'King of You' - Gaz Patterson will indeed be the King of you tonight, if you let him. This upbeat 90's punky/pop track has a distinct uplifting effect. Everyone has had at least one experience of having the time of their life with someone and this track reminds me of mine. I want to see this played live!

There we have it. Gaz Patterson - King of you. An album with a good musical variety. It's catchy and easily loved by a variety of ages.

You can digitally download your copy today from Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and no doubt many other places.

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  1. Always up for new things, must give this a listen. Thanks!