Monday 28 December 2020

Our weekly meal plan! 28th December - 3rd January. #MealPlanningMonday

Our Weekly Meal plan

Last weeks meal plan went great, of course it did it was Christmas food and lots of snacky food. lol I hope you all had a great Christmas. 

We have nothing at all on this week. Stu is still of work and the girls are of course still off school and college. We did get word that Ellie will be doing home learning until at least the 8th of January, that should be fun trying to get out of Christmas mode back into school mode without her actually going to school.

This week see's us going into 2021! Eek! I really hope it is better than this year, it has to be, surely? Happy New Year!!

On the menu this week we have:

Monday - Spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread.
Tuesday - Leftover bolognese in wraps.
Wednesday - Fish, chips and mushy peas.
Thursday - Party food.
Friday - A roast beef dinner!
Saturday - Chinese takeaway.
Sunday - A fry up. Sausages, bacon, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, baked beans and toast.

What are you eating this week?


  1. We're hopefully having a Chinese tonight or tomorrow - I can't wait!!

  2. I have high hopes for 2021! Good luck to your daughter with her virtual learning. One grandson had been learning remotely all year and the others have been going back an forth between in-person (when cases are low) and virtual (when cases are high and the schools close). Your meal plan looks good! :)

  3. I'm still working on putting a menu together! We just used up the last of our Christmas leftovers today and I need to hit the store tomorrow. #MMBC

  4. Oooh I'd love a fry up, but you can't get bacon, proper sausages or baked beans over here so it would end up as mushrooms on toast with egg and tomato. Still not bad but I'd miss all the rest !