Thursday, 27 September 2018

How to make Beanies - Recipe!

I can't remember the first time I ate a beanie but I remember eating them as a child. My dad used to get them from our local chip shop. 

A beanie is baked beans wrapped up inside sausage meat and then battered and deep fried!

For years I never had them but once when visiting Amble a seaside town near us I saw them on the menu and had to see if they tasted as good as I remember! They did and every time we went to Amble I would get a couple. One to have then and one to have for tea when I got home. A few years ago I tried to make my own but must have had the sausage meat too thick as it was raw inside once I thought it had cooked. Ugh.

text and a picture of a battered beanie and chips

I came across the packs of sausage meat on the Tesco grocery website and thought I would give them another go.

To make them all you need is sausage meat, a tin of baked beans and some basic batter mix. I just used flour, baking powder, water and milk whisked together.

I cut the sausage meat into strips, flattened it down and put the beans on.

a square of sausage meat with baked beans on top

I then wrapped the ends over the top and smooshed it into a patty type shape. Blocking all the splits and holes where the beans were trying to escape.

the sausage meat wrapped around the beans in a patty

I decided to pop them under the grill to cook them through a little. I have learned from my mistakes. hehehe

Once they had cooled I covered them in flour and the batter.

a bowl full of batter

The pan full of oil had been heating and was bubbling away. I deep fried the beanies and in a few minutes they were cooked and looked so good.

I made chips to go with them. Proper home made chips. They were such a treat.

the beanies and chips on a plate.

We of course covered it all in tomato ketchup and it was delicious. I would go as far to say better than the chip shop's.

I did make a test one earlier on in the day just to make sure they would work and were cooked all the way through. That made a lovely mid-morning snack! 

 I really think beanies are a north eastern thing. No one out of the area seems to have heard of them. 

Have you heard of them before? Have you tried one?


  1. No and no.I was definitely not aware of the existence of such things! You said "pan full of oil" so I'm assuming they were deep fried??? I think we may give these a try.
    Congratulations you have introduced the beanie to the south east of England!

  2. I've never heard of them but if I ever see any in a chip shop, I'll be trying them now!

  3. Hmmm I'm not sure ! - I like the sound of them but it's quite a lot of work. Does it change the taste of the beans or are they the same as if you just did the beanies without beans (so probably a change of name there !!)and the beans on the side ?!

    1. They didn't actually take that long to make. No longer than a normal meal.
      I think the beans taste the same but my teen said they were less beany because I had to drain some of the juice off so they weren't sloppy. x

  4. I'm from the north east (Grimsby) but I have never heard of these!

  5. I've never heard of them, but I'm southern through and through, so that's not surprising. They sound pretty amazing though, I might try them when they have a shoot date and I'm at home alone.

  6. I have lived in North East my whole life and I have never heard of these. I spent my summers in Amble too as my grandparents had a caravan there for a few years. I will have to try these next time we are in Amble, I think my other half would like these x

  7. Has anyone tried these with breadcrumbs. I'm going to try both ways tonight 😀 (I'm also from the North East) x

  8. They look great, I love the chippy you chose in Amble (it's the far better of the two) and if your were anywhere near as good then well done to you

  9. Beanies were popular in the late 70s early 80s, sold in chippies for around 25p and were made by a company in Washington, Tyne & Wear. I can't remember the company name but they went out of business in the late 80s. I quite often make my own and sometimes swap out the beans for mozzarella cheese.

  10. yes seen and eaten from pontypridd south wales. they also did them with cheese, onion and mash as a filling

  11. im going to try to make these as they are just like pea fritters

  12. Thank you I loved a beanie!!!! Now I can try my own 🙏🏻👌🏻🤤

  13. Hello Kim. My mum used to buy these in the late 80s and early 90s and I've been hankering for them ever since. I can't remember the brand or their name! They were round like a burger bun, crunchy and bloody delicious. Every so often, for years, I have a look for them and this is the first time ever to see them mentioned. I'm planning to visit Amble to eat a 'beanie,' which is a 200 mile trip in search of a memory. Thanks for the post and the only confirmation that these things ever existed! My brother and mum don't remember them at all.

  14. Yes I loved these as a kid every Saturday lunch I'd have one with chips sat in front of TV watching on the ball. Use to get them from the chippy in Filey

  15. THANK YOU! I used to get these from the chip shop as a kid, the used to be called pork beanos round here and you could also buy them frozen from supermarkets called bean roundas. I’ve been searching the web for ages and no one else seemed to have heard of them so I thought I was going mad!

  16. I miss beanies so much used to get one every time my parents went to the chippy but sadly they dont do them no more. Kim tip from the top cook the beans to a high temp then allow them to cool the tomato juice will thicken. Thank you for the memories 😁😁

  17. Hi im from Middlesbrough Beanies were sold in all the chip shops in our area when i was a kid in the 70s and 80s im going to try there myself in an acttifry ill keep you posted