Friday 7 September 2018

This week my Word of the Week is school! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

This week saw both of my girls return to school after the summer holidays....It has been quite a stressful week but we got through it and we are very ready for the weekend.

Ellie had a great first day at school....She got lost and that was the worst thing to happen but everyone else did too so it didn't seem like a big deal....There was only her year and the year 10's in so the school was quiet compared to what it usually is....

On Wednesday she did not have a good day.....Her shoes were hurting her....She came home with a huge blister on her little toe. She isn't good when it comes to seeing any blood or things like that. She panics. She cried for about 40 minutes telling me about her awful day refusing to let me near her foot. She went to the wrong classroom because she didn't understand her timetable. That was an easy fix. Becky has 4 years of redoing her own to make it understandable and did the same for Ellie's. Becky also realised that some of it was wrong. Things like food technology was written down as in the English classroom and she had one day where she had English 3 times which was wrong....I wouldn't have had a clue if it wasn't for Becky. It is great having an older child at the school and it just goes to show how well Becky coped in year 7 without me even realising. 

Ellie also got stuck on the stairs between lessons....Everyone was coming up and she was going down coming from the wrong classroom and she panicked. I think it really did scare her. I would have been scared too. Some of the older kids are the sizes of adults! She also fell over on her way out because the bigger kids were pushing and shoving....All of this on top of sore feet made one unhappy girl. 

She refused to walk anywhere on Wednesday evening so Stu went to get some softer shoes from Asda after work. Of course Asda's size 4 shoes are not the same size as Shoezones size 4 shoes....He brought them home and she couldn't get them on, even on her good foot.....So off he went at half eight at night to change them. She tried them on eventually, after a lot of screaming and crying and they fitted and didn't hurt her feet (well apart from where the blister is) I wrote her a note to get her out of PE because she was scared that if she took her shoes off she wouldn't get them back on....

On Thursday morning I ended up having to get a lift off a friend and take Ellie into school because she could hardly walk....She was panicking about walking around school. The teacher we saw was brilliant and said she could leave her classes a couple of minutes early to give her time to get to the next class and if she needed she could have a pass for the lift...I felt so much better when I left her. We had a stressful morning getting the plaster, sock and shoe on. I came home and had a good cry. Ellie had a good day a school but I am rather annoyed that they made her do PE despite me writing a note and the assistant principle knowing about her sore feet. Grr! 

I am totally blaming the shoes from Shoe Zone. They had a slight wedge which Ellie is not used to but I thought they would be OK. They were obviously putting pressure onto her toes....I would rather buy a cheap pair of soft ballet pumps every term than go through what we have the past couple of days.

Becky has been a fantastic big sister....Helping with Ellie's timetable and walking to school with Ellie and her friend.....Her little friend was worried about school too and had a shaky start but Becky was telling him that everything will be OK. Becky was patient walking home with Ellie when she had sore feet and has looked out for her and gave her a smile and a wave at school....I am so proud of her. 

Becky has had a good start to the school year....She got her new timetable and that's about as exciting as it gets for her. Everything is the same as year 10. She has the same lessons and the same teachers....It is her GCSE year so she has plenty of work and revision to do....We are having this week to ease back into the school routine.....Next week the nagging from me begins! Revise! Revise! Revise! lol


  1. Oh I remember the first days of high school, it is so daunting but Ellie will settle in in no time! I got lost so many times in my first week, but you learn your timetable and routes so quickly that she won't even need to look at the paper soon enough! :) #WotW

  2. Oh, poor Ellie. Sounds like she's had a tough couple of days. The school must seem so huge and confusing, and then with her sore feet on top of that I can see why she'd have got emotional. Sounds like Becky's been wonderful looking out for her, though. Here's hoping today's better for her x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. Oh poor Ellie, that doesn't sound like a good start to school. It's good she has Becky for advice and help. I stopped buying shoes from Shoe Zone a long time ago. They always gave my Star blisters so I never bothered buying any for Boo. We always buy our shoes from Clarks for school and have them fitted properly. It costs me a small fortune but they do last really well. In fact, the girls wanted to go in their shoes from last year as they were still comfy, but I'd saved up and insisted they had new shiny shoes to go back for a new year. (Even if Star chose exactly the same shoes she had last time.) I hope next week is much better for Ellie as she gets used to the new school and her blister heals xx

  4. Oh dear, poor Ellie. It is such a big thing to start secondary school and it can all be so scary! I hope she is feeling more settled now and has enjoyed the past few days. Becky is so lovely, what an awesome big sister she is. I hope you all have a fab weekend. Sending lots of love. xx

  5. My son started year 7 this week too and is loving being in the same school as his sisters again. Makes a big difference having older ones that can help them. He still got lost, but that is part and parcel of the first week. We had a typo on our timetable too. First time in six years. Ellie's blister sounds painful. I hope it is easing now. Good luck to Becky. This year goes really fast, so nagging is a good idea. #wotw

  6. Poor Ellie, what a stressful start for her. Blisters are such horrible things. I hope that it is now starting to heal and glad that the soft shoes are more comfortable. It sounds like Becky is really looking out for her sister though and helping make that transition to secondary school life a little easier. Hope you have a relaxing weekend to make up for the stresses of the week x #WotW

  7. I'm sorry Ellies week hasn't been more positive. My son has had blisters all week too and they've caused issues for him, also from shoezone and never happened before. I remember being overwhelmed by the sheer size of high school and often getting lost in the first few weeks. I am sure she will settle in well given time and she is lucky to have her big sister there to help her x #wotw

  8. I hope all this bad experience will not turn Ellie off school. First days are really scary esp if you are a new student in a new school. I am so glad Becky is there and is so supportive! #wotw

  9. My middle one had a load of work on his planet too, it's a big year for them isn't it? Xx

  10. Poor Ellie! That does sound hard for her. Hopefully her foot will be feeling a lot better tomorrow. It's good that Becky is being so sympathetic and has helped her with her timetable. Big brothers aren't as good at that sort of thing!