Tuesday 18 September 2018

L.O.L Surprise! Pearl Playset - Review.

Ellie is forever watching videos on You Tube of kids opening L.O.L dolls and although she had never had any of her own she loved them....I have seen reviews for the L.O.L Surprise! Pearl Playset and it looked like a lot of fun but it was too expensive at nearly £30 to just to buy for no occasion so she had to wait for her birthday....

Ellie had set her heart on a green one which was a bit of a nightmare to track down....I did manage to find one in Asda. Phew! Now they only seem to sell the pink one's....

L.O.L. Surprise offers more unboxing surprises with the L.O.L. Surprise Pearl Surprise. Discover shimmery, pearl surprises inside with rare, limited-edition dolls and accessories!

Product Features: 

Limited-edition Doll and Lil Sister
6 pearl surprise balls
1 shell-shaped doll stand
Glitter case becomes purse, storage case and bath playset
Recommended for ages 6+

The first layer has 6 balls to open which included two outfits for the doll. Ellie had great fun opening these....She half knew what to expect but it was all still a surprise for her...

The second layer is a seashell fizz that you drop into water to dissolve. It was huge!! It is advised not to put it in the bath but to use the case the set came in....

The biggest excitement came when it came to putting the fizzer in the water....Wow! Even I was impressed! It certainly did fizz! Some of it went onto the floor and when I was cleaning it up it did leave a pink tint on our laminate flooring....I think if it had been left for longer it may have stained it....That explains why they say don't put it into the bath....

Inside the fizzer there is a seashell container that has a Lol doll and a lil sister doll.....They were very cute.

For the price you pay (nearly £30) it does seem expensive when you see what you are left with, a couple of little dolls, outfits and a seashell but I would say it is well worth the price just for the experience and the excitement it creates....Ellie loved it and it really made her birthday special....


  1. There's certainly some experience involved in opening the toy isn't there! The fizzer sounds like fun (if messy!)

  2. Sounds a fun way to get involved with the toy, not sure of the price mind, may need therapy for that lol X #mmbc

  3. I've been intrigued by these, they look like great fun for an older child to open. Not sure I'd be happy about the fizzy thing tinting my floor though! x

  4. This looks like a lot of fun for the kids in finding out what is in each package. I can see why they're so popular! #TriedTested