Friday 28 September 2018

Planning for #Blogtober18 and Christmas. #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

a photo of the word planning

This has been one of those weeks where we have just plodded on with life. Becky had a day off school on Wednesday after being sick, aching and just generally feeling rotten. She is fine now and was just a 24 hour thing. Ellie has bought her ticket for the school disco next week and has been planning what to wear. She is so excited. She said she might even dance. hehehe

As we have not had much going on it has given me chance to do a bit of planning and a lot of writing blog posts.

For the past couple of years I have joined in with the October linky that the lovely Mandi from Big Family Organised Chaos runs. I did Blogtober 2016 & Blogtober 2017 and this year it is back.

There are 31 prompts. One for each day in October. That means a new blog post every day throughout the month. You can link up old blog posts if you want to, interpret the prompts as you wish and even miss a day or or two. There is no pressure.

This year the prompts so far are:

1. All About Me / A Year On (if you have already joined in last year)
2.Boobs (for breast cancer awareness month) #breastcancerawareness
3. Couples #nationalboyfriendday
4. Ditty #NationalPoetryDay
5. Education #worldteachersday
6. Forest Creatures #nationalbadgerday
7. Gross Motor Skills #dyspraxiaawarenessweek
8. Hearing Them Read #librariesweek
9. Invitations/Letters #WorldPostDay
10. Just Be Yourself #worldmentalhealthday
11. Kickass Girls You Adore #internationaldayofthethegirl

Each day Mandi posts her blog post for the day and there is a linky to link your blog post for that day. Use the hashtag #blogtober18 on Twitter and they will be found and there is also a Facebook group too...

I will still be posting my normal blog posts which I do every week like Meal planning Monday, Project365, My Sunday Photo and of course Word of the Week so there might be a few days per week where you are seeing two blog posts a day from me.

In the past years I have found it a fantastic way to find new blogs to read and to reconnect with bloggers which I have knows for years.....It has made me write blog posts that I wouldn't think of writing and I have always had a lot of fun.

I have also started planning for Christmas. I have added a few things to my Amazon basket for the kids. Ellie is so easy to buy for. She is still into toys and needs a mobile phone now. She was going to have Becky's old one but it broke when Stu tried to put the sim card in. Oops. It was only a cheap one, was pretty useless and it's been used for over a year so it's no big loss. I have seen reviews for the Nokia 3310 and they look great for her. I found it on Amazon for £20 less than Argos! Bargain! She only needs a phone for walking home from school so this will be perfect.

Becky is a little harder to buy but has already got quite the list of things that she would like. A few books, a leather jacket and some new trainers. I am planning on buying her a new tablet too. The one she has is running slow despite us formatting it. She uses it every day so I know our money won't be wasted.

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  1. Blogtober sounds brilliant! I'm going to be too busy to join in this year but I'll definitely keep it in mind for 2019 :) You've given me the push to get started with Christmas planning, I think I'll spend some time getting started on my shopping this weekend! #WotW

  2. Glad that Becky is feeling better. You sound very organised with the Christmas shopping! Blogtober sounds like fun - I joined in with something similar one month a few years back and it was a good way to get to know other blogs that I might not have found otherwise. #WotW

  3. That is a lot of planning! It's my eldest's birthday next week and after that I do start to note down a few gifts ideas for Christmas. Enjoy Blogtober, sounds fun! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  4. I'm doing Blogtober again but I'm using my own list of prompts. I'll still be linking up with Mandi though.
    I've also started buying Christmas stuff for family but I have no idea what to get my girls this year!

  5. Good planning. Blogtober sounds fun. I love the idea of prompts. You sound ahead of me when it comes to Christmas. I've got a few birthdays to get through yet, but I'm starting to plan in my head. Hope you have a good week. #wotw

  6. I have done Blogtober before, but I don't think I have the time this year, I'll be sure to read when I can though. I'm glad Becky is feeling better now and I hope Ellie enjoys her party. My kids all have mobiles so they can play games on them, but only the eldest has a Sim card in. They are all android phones but they are old ones of me and their Dad's (and older brother and sister.) Most of them had broken screens but it only cost us £15 each to replace them.) I wished I'd known how cheap it could be sooner, I'd probably have stuck with my old phone!

  7. Wow you are so organised, I tried blogtober last year but it was too much for me. Good luck with the blogtober X #wotw

  8. I love that idea Kim, can't wait to see some of your posts. I might give some of the days a go as well. It sounds like you are super organised, I need some tips ! Have a great weekend x

  9. good for you. I could not manage a post every day and still keep them interesting.
    My planning starts on a Friday morning with what is for tea fri/sat/sun night and what is for lunch at work sat/sun and cook them and place in the fridge.
    I have stuff in the amazon basket I need to go and buy

  10. Wow you are going to be so busy, but I bet its fun. How quickly is this term flying I cant believe its school disco time already. Ah poor Becky its awful when you feel like that x

  11. Sounds like you are taking a lot on regard blog posts. Sounds like you've got a plan in action for Christmas. I've told my eldest to note which things she likes and so far it's all the products advertised on Milkshake! #MMBC

  12. Sounds like you will be busy! I am seeing more of you in the social media lately and if thats a part of this planning its good. Its nice to see the faces behind the blog. Were always working at the background. Its nice to be at the centerstage sometimes and you look so much like your daughters!