Monday 24 September 2018

I am going to try making beanies this week. #MealPlanningMonday

Our weekly meal plan title. Text with a plate and knife and fork

We ate everything last week! Hooray! It was a good week for food. Every meal was eaten and enjoyed. Simple meals like Fish fingers, chips and spaghetti hoops even though my teen said it was a childish meal. Hmmf. What is wrong with being childish now and again. I told her to make her own tea if she wanted something different. She soon changed her tune.

This week I am going to try making "beanies". I think they are a north east thing? The only place we can get them from is the chip shop in Amble. I always get two when we visit Amble. One to eat then and one to bring home and eat later. 

beanies and chips from the chip shop

Beanies are baked beans wrapped in sausage meat which is battered and deep fried. I tried making them a good few years ago but I made them too thick and the sausage meat wasn't cooked in the middle. This time it will work and if they do I will write a blog post on how to make them.

This week on the menu we have:

Monday - Beanies (hopefully) and chips.
Tuesday - Chicken curry and rice.
Wednesday - Minced Beef Hotpot.
Thursday - Spaghetti bolognese with garlic bread.
Friday - Pizza.
Saturday - Burgers in buns with corn on the cob & salad.
Sunday - A roast dinner of some sort.

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  1. My first thought was "ok-aaaaaay, what on earth are beanies?" I thought you were going to be sewing some small teddy bears. They're definitely not from round 'ere (South East). I hope they turn out well I'm looking forward to seeing how to make them, it seems hard enough to wrap a hard-boiled egg in sausage meat I can imagine a soggy heap of beans is even more difficult!

  2. Beanies are a new one on me. Thought you were about to take up knitting/crochet and make hats. Hope they turn out well. I do a baking version of scotch eggs, which must be a similar idea, as deep fat fryer and me don't mix. Meal planning is on my list of things to do this morning. #MMBC

  3. I have never heard of beanies before but beans and sausages are two of my favourite foods so I am salivating over here! Can't wait to hear how they turn out #mmbc

  4. I've never heard of beanies! They sound good, though, hope you manage to recreate them!

  5. ohhh they sound amazing let us know how you get on. spag bol one of my favourite meals too

  6. I'd never heard of beanies either but they sound lovely - looking forward to that blog post ! :)

  7. Whoo sounds tasty Kim. I am making a chicken curry this week and I love the sound of the mince beef hotpot.#MMBC

  8. I've never heard of those before, I don't think, but they sound absolutely delicious!

    Thanks for linking up x