Tuesday 4 September 2018

Two new mouth-watering treats from Haribo!

Last week was a busy week and it was decided that we needed a lazy day so on Friday we did just that. After visiting Alnwick Castle we were in the mood to watch Harry Potter so the Philosopher's Stone it was....With a film we always have to have some treats and as luck would have it I had a delivery of tasty treats from Haribo that morning to try out! Perfect timing!!

The summer may almost be over but I am trying to hang on to it as long as I can.....HARIBO has unveiled two mouth-watering treats that are hot editions. The new Frenzy flavours of Starmix and Tangfastics come in refreshing mixed fruit flavour drink combinations.

HARIBO Frenzy Starmix Fruit Punch

Combining an exciting blend of fruit flavours including cherry and lime, apple and elderflower and strawberry and rhubarb with the iconic and much-loved pieces, Starmix Fruit Punch will bring the spirit of summer to any occasion.

HARIBO Frenzy Tangfastics Fruit Spritzers

For fans who prefer a little more fizz, Tangfastics Fruit Spritzers feature a sparkling mix of fruit flavours including blueberry and lemon, raspberry and pineapple and apple and pomegranate.

Of course we loved these...The new flavours are refreshing, a little bit different and a whole lot of fun! 

Available now Starmix Fruit Punch and Tangfastics Fruit Spritzers offer the perfect picnic, party or pick-me-up treat for fun times whatever the weather! 

We were sent these free of charge in exchange for this blog post....


  1. Oooh I do love a bag of Haribo, these look yummy. I’ll have to keep an eye out for them!

  2. The flavours sound yum, I do love haribos. X #mmbc