Saturday 8 September 2018

Back to school and cute notes. Week 36 of #Project365

I am so glad it's the weekend....The return to school has left us all tired. Ellie had a shaky start to secondary school. She got a blister from her new shoes but she is over the worst of it and it's healing. She had the best day yet on Friday. She never got lost, had the best lunch, made a couple of more new friends and loved all of her lessons. It makes me so happy that she is excited about learning.

244/365 - 1st September
Someone mentioned Bailey's on Twitter and that's all I could think about so I had to get myself a little bottle. hehehe

245/365 - 2nd September
A lazy Sunday. Pj's all day!

246/365 - 3rd September
Ellie made me a bracelet using a set she got for her birthday....She has since claimed it back because she loves it herself. 

247/365 - 4th September
Ellie's first day at secondary school....She had a good day despite getting lost a couple of times. 

248/365 - 5th September
Becky went back to school....It's her GCSE year! Eek!

249/365 - 6th September
Ellie drew this at school....She was missing me. Aww!

250/365 - 7th September
I got the first pick of the doughnuts because the kids were at school when the shopping was delivered. hehehe


  1. Ella got blisters from her new shoes as well. I had told her the day before that she should walk to school in her trainers and change into her shoes when she got to school but she wasn't having it so the next day she had to wear plasters!

  2. That bracelet is awesome! I'd wear it. I hope she settles well into secondary, it's such a big change isn't it? Xx

  3. Glad she's settling in well at secondary, what a sweet note she did you.

  4. That note from Ellie is lovely! Sorry to hear she had a shaky start at school, but glad things are starting to improve for her. Hope she has a good week next week. x

  5. aww you’ve got two quite big starts with the girls. Hope they had a really good week :)

  6. Glad secondary school is going so well. We are having a bit of an issue with taking too long to get home and school dinner queues, but otherwise good. Shame about the blisters.

  7. Sorry to hear Ellie's school start was marred by blisters. I get that with new shoes; that's why I hate shoe-shopping, no matter which shoes I buy, I'll get blisters. Glad to hear she enjoyed the school and is making new friends. Becky looks happy to go back to school. Lovely bracelet!

  8. Glad she got over the initial hiccups, it is a big step for them.
    Love the note she made you, and a great bracelet as well.
    Prefer Morrisons doughnuts myself.

  9. That bracelet is awesome! Morrisons custard donuts are my favourite. #365

  10. glad Ellies week at school improved and shame about the blister. I've not had baileys for a long time

  11. Love that message, so sweet. I love Baileys too #365

  12. Glad the start to school has gone mostly smoothly. The size of secondary schools can make it so easy to get lost! #project365