Friday 14 September 2018

When my girls are happy, I am happy! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

When my girls are happy, I am happy....We have had a fab week with both of my girls being in the best of moods....

On Sunday I needed to go and get Becky her birthday cake and wanted to pick up a couple of more things for her....I didn't want to go alone because I wouldn't be able to carry everything so we did something new and left the kids home alone. Eek! They are 11 & Becky was a day off being 16 and it was only for an hour or so. I wasn't happy about it. Stu & I left the girls playing on the xbox and when we got home they were still on the xbox. lol They hadn't moved. It's not something we will be doing all the time but it did make our shopping trip easier.

We were supposed to be having a day out on Saturday but after the first week at school the kids wanted a lazy weekend so we did just that. Becky's birthday was on Monday....She opened her cards and some of her presents on the morning then had to go to school. Hmmf. I still think kids should be allowed their birthday off school. hehehe 

When she came home she opened the rest, we had McDonalds for tea and of course cake. She was very happy with all of her presents and the xbox credit. I have told her to spend it wisely not just on rubbish for Minecraft. 

Last week Ellie had a shaky start to secondary school....She had a blister because of new shoes which ruined her first week and her timetable was a little messed up but this week her blister has gone, she got a printed version of her timetable from a teacher and is finding her way around the school OK. She is so happy in school which is wonderful to see....She did have an issue with a girl who used to bully her in primary school but she went straight to a teacher and got it sorted before I even knew anything about it....She also stood up to her for the first time and told her to go away. I was so proud. Secondary school seems to have given her so much confidence! 

It makes me so happy when my girls come in from school and tell me all about their day....They are so happy to be in the same school again. They are getting on better, they have so much in common again and it makes everyone happier...


  1. So glad you have had a happy week and that leaving the girls at home for the first time went ok. Good to hear that Ellie is gaining confidence and having a better week at school and a big happy birthday to Becky x #WotW

  2. Despite the wobbly start, it sounds like secondary school is boosting Ellie in wonderful ways. I hope Becky had a lovely birthday - with thoughtful gifts, McDonald's for dinner and cake too, I don't doubt that she did.

    Happy kids, happy mum.

  3. Happy birthday to Becky! And I'm so pleased that Ellie's had a better week, great to hear. Happy kids, happy mum! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  4. It sounds like you've all had a wonderful week, it makes such a difference when everyone is happy doesn't it. Good on Ellie for standing up to that bully ! Hope you have a lovely weekend x

  5. What a great week. I remember leaving the children alone for the first few times was nerve wracking, but they survived. I don't think they moved for us either! Glad Becky had a good birthday. Yes, a day off should be in order. Ellie does sound like she's come into her own. Go Ellie! #wotw

  6. Amazing birthday celebration! I have gift envy =P

    This is what I said to Sebastian when he got sad because he is one of the few students who doesnt know how to swim in his class. He is crying and sad and I told him that when he is sad I am more sad and when he is happy I am happy. Our kids doesnt know how much they affect our emotions.


  7. Awww I am so pleased you have had a better week. I know what you mean when your kids are happy you are happy birthday to Becky. My boys love a. McDonald's tea, to them it is everything lol X #wotw

  8. Oh yes, happy kids happy parents! Happy Birthday to Becky! McDonalds is a birthday favourite in our house too :D

  9. Ah happy birthday Becky sounds like a lovely chilled day. Poor Ellie I cant stand bullies, well done for standing up to her x