Saturday 22 September 2018

Batman, books and not so nice dumplings. Week 38 of #Project365

Another week is just about over. I seem to have struggled with photos this week. The weather hasn't been great, in fact it has been terrible. The wind and the rain which makes me want to just snuggle under a blanket which I have done most of the week while catching up on what I have recorded off the TV.

There is so much on at the moment. I have watched all of Killing Eve this week which started on Saturday and it was brilliant. Her who played Villanelle is such a fantastic actress. I have also got into watching The Circle on CH4 which is so interesting and every evening I am having to choose between that and Big Brother at 10pm. 

Anyway, now for a photo from every day.

My teenage daughter in a batman t-shirt and the radio antennas against a cloudy sky.
My teenage daughter reading a takeaway menu and a selection of vegetable crisps
My youngest daughter eating chicken and mayonaise with chopsticks and a photo of the front cover of a book
Chinese chocolate and banana dumplings.

258/365 - 15th September
Becky just happened to be wearing a Batman t-shirt on Batman Day. It wasn't planned. I didn't know there even was a Batman day. lol

259/365 - 16th September
Next doors radio antennas have caused us a lot of stress this past week. Our internet has been running slow because of them. I can't prove it but Sky said it was highly likely as they can't see anything wrong with our line. Later in the week the wind one of them moved and was nearly on the phone cable. Grr! We ended up ringing the council who said they will look into it.

260/365 - 17th September
My teen was doing a bit of wishful thinking looking at a takeaway menu when I have said we are not getting any takeaways until at least the end of October.

261/365 - 18th September
I was sent the Emily Crisps Sweet Potato Stick range to try. The Salt & Pepper flavour is new and very tasty. 

262/365 - 19th September
Ellie had a quick snack of mayonnaise and chicken just to see her over until she got back from helping with the open evening at school. She has a new thing of eating everything she can with chopsticks.

263/365 - 20th September
A fantastic book! I was sent to review. I thought I knew everything about keeping myself and my girls safe online but it turns out I was wrong and Parent Alert! How To Keep Your Kids Safe Online has really opened my eyes.

264/365 - 21st September
I saw these in Tesco and needed to give them a try. It's a no from me. The chocolate was not nice. The kids loved them though.

A blue circle with a camera on with the text Project 365


  1. How did I miss a Batman day?! The Batman t-shirt is splendid. I have never heard of Killing Eve, will google it. The dumplings don't sound very enticing to me. :) Hope the council does something about the radio antennas.

    1. hahaha! The t-shirt was my fellas that he grew sick of. lol
      Oh do Google Killing Eve. It's fab. x

  2. dumplings go with stew and tatties not chocolate. I have never eaten with chop sticks.
    Hubby is a radio amateur and he says the aerial cannot interfere with your internet. Ofcom will come and check it out for you if you contact them.
    Glad you are getting positive from the book.

    1. I know Elaine that dumplings is for savoury food not sweet. hehehe
      I will contact Ofcom & see what they have to say. We have speakers on the TV in the bedroom that gets interference the same time that the internet runs slow. It's odd. Thank you x

  3. Love the batman t shirt. Pain about the internet. Hope you get it sorted out. I love using chopsticks, but don't get much practice as the OH won't eat chinese or thai food

  4. I've never heard of Batman Day but there seems to be a day for ever;ything now. Love the t-shirt. #MMBC

  5. I love Emily Crisps. And your daughters Batman t-shirt is fab #MMBC

  6. Well done on the unintentional Batman dressing day - cool top #365

  7. I'm not a fan of banana so the dumplings probably wouldn't suit me! #project365