Wednesday 4 November 2020

What I loved in October 2020!

 Another month has flown over, I say this every month but it really has. I could do with time slowing down just a little so I can get all of the Christmas shopping done. I have been holding off getting the kids main presents as they want electronics and I am hoping they go on sale over the next few weeks. Fingers crossed.

What I loved

Throughout October I joined in with Blogtober20 which was ran by Mandi who blogs at Big Family Organised Chaos. I just about completed a blog post every day using the given prompts but did end up missing a couple of days because I couldn't think what to write about. It was nice to reconnect with older bloggers and find some new one's to follow.

Watching Angel.
I am sure a couple of months ago I mentioned that I was rewatching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on E4. They started showing the spinoff show Angel, about the vampire with a soul. I have only ever watched it once so there were so many episodes which I had forgotten about.

Good feedback from school and college.
At the start of the school year I didn't think the girls would last more than a couple of weeks before Coronavirus shut things down but they have done a full half term at school and I couldn't be prouder of them. Becky has been working hard and did an epic essay with about 3000 words and a few shorter ones. Her teachers are happy with her and I had a lovely email from Ellie's form tutor saying how lovely she is and how much she has progressed since September.

Chocolate Orange.

Orange Twirl

Orange flavoured chocolate is my favourite type of chocolate and when I saw Orange Twirls were a thing I needed to try one but of course I couldn't find them. Becky's girlfriend did though and bought me a couple. They're good but nothing special. It seems it's just the start of things to come as I am noticing more and more chocolate orange things in the run up to Christmas. Yay!

Marcus Rashford.
The 22 year old footballer, what a lad he is! We all know what he's done to help end child food poverty but after the government said no to financing free school meals during half term he started tweeting about cafes, restaurants and businesses offering to give free meals to kids which needed them and his feed was filled with them. I think that helped encourage big companies like The Co-op and McDonalds to get involved. Where I live the local fish & chip shop was offering free meals for kids and they've not had it easy over the last 6 or 7 months. It was so heart warming to see.

Preparing for Christmas!
I did a fair bit of Christmas shopping on Monday. I wanted to get it done before the national lockdown started because who knows how long that will last. Now all I have to buy, I can get via the internet. We've been listening to Christmas music and watching a few Christmas films. It is November now after all.

What did you love in October?


  1. Glad the girls are doing well at school and college. Oh I love Orange Twirls. Only managed one so far c

  2. Well done to Becky and Ellie it sounds like they are doing so well.
    How lovely that your local chip shop gave out free meals. Children should never go hungry, it's so sad.
    I'm enjoying prepping for Christmas too. I said to Craig I'm going all out for Christmas, I feel we need something to look forward to after how this year turned out.
    Our house shall be like Santa's grotto haha! x

  3. I like the orange twirl and agree Marcus Rashford has done amazing work for kids X