Friday 6 November 2020

This week my Word of Week is: Lockdown! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


It has to be. The news of the newest lockdown has dominated most of this past week.

This time last week us here in North Lincolnshire were just entering tier 2 which we were all fine with, well mostly. On tier 2 it mean Becky couldn't see her girlfriend and was let go from her part time job. There were tears. She felt like she was losing everything that was good and worthwhile in her life. Becky is fine now. She was grumpy on Saturday morning but she's got over it partly because of the news on Saturday and us all going into another full on lockdown.

I found myself pretty anxious and stressed on Friday evening reading about the leaked news about the National Lockdown. It was all speculation and reading it looked like nothing would be confirmed until Monday. Well the government didn't hang around and arranged a press conference for Saturday where they did keep us hanging around until Boris appeared.

To be honest all we were worried about was whether Stu would have to stop work and the whole issue of furlough pay ending on the 1st of November. He works as a groundsman/handyman at a shopping/industrial estate. Most of the shops will be shut but thankfully there will still be work to do at the moment, maintaining the grounds, gardens and all those odd jobs he never has the time for. At the moment he is still working but if that does change furlough has been extended. Phew! 

I decided over the weekend that if the lockdown was announced for midweek Stu and I would go into town on Monday and do some Christmas shopping, getting the stocking fillers and PJ's, all the things I would usually get in December. I thought I would get a head start and if the lockdown was extended or anything would happen to me or Stu so the kids would be OK for Christmas. They have missed out on so much this year, I want this Christmas to be a good one.

We got the bus on Monday morning where it seemed social distancing had been forgotten about. All the rows of seats were full and the driver was still letting people on. Grr! Town wasn't as busy as I expected it to be and we got everything we needed. We had a couple more dramas throughout the day with people being idiots. What shocked me the most was the staff in a couple of places we visited. When I got home I took great pleasure in writing emails to the shops and the bus company complaining.

Nothing much has changed for us now that we're on the national lockdown. It's only really Becky it's bothering as she can't see her girlfriend. This second lockdown seems a lot calmer than the first one. It's like we're all old hands at this now.

Wednesday was an interesting day! I was hooked on watching the news about the US elections, I had expected to wake up to hear the winner announced but I woke up to the news about Trump having a tantrum, all the votes still hadn't been counted and Biden in the lead. As of writing this yesterday afternoon Biden was still in the lead. Eek! At least the news from the US took my mind off the lockdown. lol

I hope you have all had a good week! Stay safe and take care.


  1. Nothing has really changed much for us as we were not going out anyway. The Little Man will still be going to school (he loves it, and it's a really good school) and the girls are doing a reduced timetable. My eldest daughter will be going back to work this time but she won't be using public transport. I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet, I'm a little worried I have no idea what to get anyone and I normally have a list as long as my arm by now. eek! x

  2. Not much has changed here with the lockdown, kids are school and I'm going to work. I feel sorry for Becky, it's difficult enough for grown ups, kids feel these things more. I've done a bit of Christmas shopping, think I'll have to hit the internet! Karen Early Rising Mum

  3. This lockdown does seem easier, as we know what to expect. Not the shock of it last time. Helps that the children can still go to school. I'm sorry Beckie lost her job and can't see her girlfriend. Let's hope the numbers go down and we can get back to some kind of normal in four weeks time. #wotw

  4. It was quite stressful last weekend waiting around for the announcement wasn’t it? Poor Becky not being able to see her girlfriend and losing her job – I can imagine that was hard for her. I’m glad that Stu is able to keep working. It’s crazy that social distancing went out of the window with the trip to town. I tried to go in this week to do some Christmas shopping and some of the shops were ridiculously busy. I’d avoided most of the news about the US election as it was stressing me out so much but was relieved when the result was announced. #WotW