Tuesday 15 September 2020

My teen has got a new part time job!

At the start of August Becky started a part time job Hooray! She has had a few jobs in the past but they have all been temporary or seasonal but this time we think she's bagged a job which will see her right through until she leaves college and gets a full time job! 

I haven't said much on social media or on here just in case it didn't work out. She's been there before when she had an interview for a job and actually did half a shift before the company (a high street shop) realised that she couldn't work for them. It was a farce! They had a policy where they didn't employ people still at school even though she was over 16 years old and was just still at school to do her GCSE's. She was technically old enough, the fact she was at school was a big no, no. Hmmf!

Becky is now working as a waitress!! A friend of the family told us about a somewhere which had opened back up after the lock down and was struggling to get staff. They had enough bar staff but not waitresses. She went for an interview and a look around and that was it. She had the job! I think they were desperate for people but it's going well. 

Becky takes the orders, delivers them to the bar and the kitchen and then takes the food to the customers. She's got the hang of carrying 3 plates without spilling anything which she was a little worried about. With the Eat Out to Help Out scheme being on the restaurant was busy but thankfully things have slowed down a little now.

I was a little worried with the virus still being out there but where she works is being so careful. There is plenty of hand santiser, hand washing, aprons, gloves, they're adhering to all the rules taking peoples contact details and Becky even had a funky plastic visor to wear.

Throughout August she was working 4 evenings a week, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for a few hours an evening. We did wonder how things would work out when she started college again but things couldn't have worked out better. Becky is only in college one day a week, a Monday one week and that is her day off from work and a Tuesday the week after, she's had to drop a shift but it's fine. The rest of the days she does her college work at home with Zoom calls and Microsoft Teams meetings and her new job doesn't interfere with her college work. I will be keeping an eye on the situation. College is not going to suffer because of a part time job.

Becky has already put her name down to work on Christmas day and New Years Eve and they have said yes so this really does seem like a long term job. It's looking good for her.

The only bad thing about the job is that she is missing time with her girlfriend and missing some of the video chats. It's all still good with them though. It's making them cherish the time they do have together.

Have your teen's got part time jobs?


  1. that's really good news, and good for Becky. You must be so proud of her. Especially for volunteering to work on the days no one else ever wants to work, like Christmas.
    Violet is 14, so no part time job for her yet. Not sure what she plans to do in the future, she's now starting to study for her GCSE's.

  2. Oh this is fab news. Congrats Becky! I hope she will be very happy there. xx