Wednesday 30 September 2020

What I loved in September 2020!

It doesn't seem that long since I wrote what I loved in August. This year is flying over, it's less than 3 months until Christmas and I have started thinking about what to get the girls. Eek! It was so much cheaper years ago when they wanted toys, now it's all about electronics. Eek! 

I am joining in with Blogtober throughout October, you can read all about it in the I am joining in with #Blogtober20 are you? blog post. I got a head start and have quite a few blog posts scheduled already. The prompts have really got me thinking and writing things I wouldn't normally write about.

Des was on ITV a few weeks ago based on the 1983 arrest of Scottish serial killer Dennis Nilsen after the discovery of human remains causing the blockage of a drain near his home. If you haven't seen it and like true crime watch it! I thought it was fantastic and David Tennant was so convincing as Des!

Getting cosy!
The weather has changed and it feels more like winter than summer. I do love this time of year. Oversized jumpers, shutting the curtains early, lighting candles, hot chocolate and cosy blankets! We've had the heating on a couple of times and it was lovely especially when I've been in the bath. There's nothing better than pj's heated on the radiator.

The kids behaving themselves!
Becky has had her girlfriend stay over the night and I am glad to say they behaved themselves. I said they weren't sleeping in the same bed but could sleep in the same room and they stuck to it, well as far as I know. I went to bed after them and they were asleep separately, I checked on them during the night and in the morning before they woke and they stuck to their own space. The good thing about Becky having a high bed is that they one of them can't quickly get out of it when they hear me coming. hehehe

Becky got a Stranger Things set of Monopoly for her birthday and since then her and Ellie have become obsessed with it. I used to refuse to play it with the kids because they would both cheat but with Becky's girlfriend being over and playing my girls were on their best behaviour and I have had a couple of games with them.

School and College!
The kids returned back to school and college and so far so good. They have settled in really well despite all the changes that have been made because of Coronavirus. Becky is only in college one day a week and learning at home for the rest and she is loving it but sometimes can be a bit lazy. Ellie is loving seeing her friends again. I am sure she's not social distancing as well as she could but I imagine at her age, among her friends it is easy to forget.

What did you love in September?


  1. I loved Des too! September sounded like a good month for you x

  2. I really enjoyed Des and now reading Brain Masters book from 1983 really good read as well X