Saturday 19 September 2020

Week 38 of #Project366 - A photo every day for a year!

What a week. It has been exhausting! I am ready for the weekend again. I just can't seem to get used to getting up early on a morning even with going to bed much earlier than I have in months. I am sure I'll get the hang of it again soon. Ellie on the other hand is getting up every morning brilliantly, she did used to struggle but so far so good. I think she's just so happy to be going to school again and seeing her friends.

Now for a photo every day!

Party food and a packed lunch for my youngest
My eldest on her laptop and my youngest stood waiting for the bus
Corned beef hash.
A box of coffee and my eldest walking down the stairs.

256/366 - 12th September
We had a picky party tea for no reason. It was a good way to clear the freezer out a bit and the kids loved it.

257/366 - 13th September
Ellie's packed lunch. She is so happy having a packed lunch. She did have school dinners for the first couple of days back at school but she didn't like not being able to sit with her friends in the dining hall as it's only one to a table. Outside they can sit together (socially distanced of course).

258/366 - 14th September
Becky's first day of doing college work at home. She has worked hard this past week but she has been annoying me a little asking me a ton of questions when she could just Google it. She wouldn't have me to ask if she was at college and I sometimes feel like I'm the one doing the work.

259/366 - 15th September
Ellie got an early finish from school to go to the hospital for a hearing check. I have a blog post all about it next week. She is still deaf in one ear but has super hearing in her good ear.

260/366 - 16th September
I whacked corned beef, potatoes, onions tomato puree, beef stock and baked beans into the slow cooker. It made a lovely meal and there's a couple of portions in the freezer for another day.

261/366 - 17th September
I have been off coffee for a few weeks. I was starting to feel anxious after I drank it and sick so decided to go onto decaffeinated. I bought what I thought was decaffeinated but it turns out it wasn't. It can't be as strong as the Nescafe as I was drinking as I am feeling OK drinking it. I am sticking to just one a day.

262/366 - 18th September
Becky was up bright and early tidying her room, putting her clean washing away and even hoovering up for me, all because her girlfriend was coming for a visit.

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  1. My son has gone over to packed lunches too for pretty much the same reason. I can imagine what it must be like having Mum as a captive 'alexa', must be strange for her not to be in college #366

  2. Ah the questions are never ending aren't they. I think N would like packed lunches. The hot lunches have gone downhill so much, he always moans about them.

  3. Instant coffee makes me gag just from the smell of it, wonder why you've gone off it, keep an eye out for covid symptoms. I love a party snack tea, but my cupboards/freezer never contain food like that anyway. Glad Becky is enjoying the pack lunches at school with her friends

  4. The snack party sounds like a great idea! I'm not a big fan of instant cappuccino or latte, I have tried a few brands, and found them too sweet. Good that Ellie enjoys the packed lunches. Our school doesn't offer hot meals anyway. And yes, of course, you must know all the answers! Mothers are much better than Google. :)

  5. that tomato slow cooker meal looks fabulous #MMBC

  6. I think getting back into routine with early mornings again after so long is hard. Glad Ellie is coping so well with it though. Love a picky party tea. Glad that Ellie’s hearing in her good ear is still good. That coffee looks nice. I gave up coffee for Lent this year and haven’t really got back into drinking it. #project366

  7. I totally feel you! Liv is the same asking me questions... I'm like, 'Just Google it!' ;) It's what I would do! Good to see the girls are cracking on, have to admit that the whole Back To School thing is very refreshing!
    Anything with corned beef is awesome, wouldn't mind a corned beef hash now the weather is turning, proper comfort food! Hope you are all having a lovely week! Sim x

  8. It is taking a bit of getting used to the routine. Glad Ellie is coping well and her eat is still good. The coffee looks good x

  9. I am really struggling with the early starts too, probably as am working a twilight shift, so I cannot get an early night. Hopefully it will settle soon

  10. Hehehe - so you don't like being used as a can't-be-bothered-to-look-up-the-answers machine? Why not? Can't understand it ! lol ;-) Oooh that corned beef hash meal looks amazing - hmmm I want to eat that tonight, perfect winter comfort food. Yum !

  11. Oh yes my eldest often asks me loads of questions...I am like just google it!

    Loving the snack party..think that is something the girls would love if I did it.

  12. I've found the early mornings a struggle too (and so has H). H is always packed lunch anyway, but his school are only doing take away packed lunches anyway. The snack party looks like a good way of using things up.

  13. Oooh a picky tea for no reason sounds like a great reason for me! Will have to do the same soon for my boys they would love it. I am with you on feeling exhausted from the early morning starts. The weekends feel like such a blessing right now.

  14. I only have 1 cup of coffee a day otherwise the buzz is too much! My kids always love a snack meal or picnic/party style meal more than a proper cooked one #project366

  15. I don't drink coffee for that reason and only have one cup of tea. Do need to watch the sugary drinks though. Love the idea of a party tea I will have to try that with mine soon. If only my eldest would hoover!

  16. All the food looks so tempting. I'm glad Becky and Ellie are happy to go to school. Oh that's a shame about her hearing, I hope she manages with it. Coffee is starting to make me feel nauseous as well, I feel really hungry after a couple of hours and then nauseous in the morning