Friday 25 September 2020

This week my Word of the Week is: Not a lot! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

I have racked my brain trying to think what we've done this past week and it's not a lot. After having a busy couple of weeks with Becky's birthday and the hospital appointment for Ellie last week this week has been a lot calmer and relaxed.

We seem to have found some sort of routine but Becky being in college only one day a week and learning at home for the rest of the days is taking some getting used to. It seems selfish saying it but it feels like I am not getting a lot of time to myself. It's nice having the company but I did enjoy time alone.

Our toilet had been leaking for a few weeks and felt quite wobbly when we sat on it, we told the landlord and a plumber was sent out on Monday. The bolts holding the loo down had rusted and a couple had snapped. He took the whole loo off and did whatever he did and for a few hours it seemed like it was fixed but whatever he did has not made a lot of difference. It doesn't wobble anymore but it's still leaking. He's coming back to have another look at it soon.

I finally have a red tomato! lol I planted some seeds at the start of the year, they didn't grow so I planted more and they have taken their time, I have lots of green tomatoes but noticed one red one early this week! I was very happy! I've left it to ripen a little more and I hope the rest follow suit. 

I am sure we have all heard about the new restrictions and rules around staying safe from Coronavirus and at the moment not a lot has changed for us as a family. I have started to worry more about Becky's part time job though. She works as a waitress and will now be taking drinks to the tables as well as food and of course has to wear a mask, there isn't a lot more she can do to keep herself safe apart from giving up her job which she doesn't want to do. With there being more and more cases reported I really don't want her to put herself at risk of catching Coronavirus and it's starting to worry me. We're going to see how things go over the next couple of weeks. The way things are going at the moment I can see us being on a full lockdown before long.

After years of Ellie not having a lot of homework from school it turns out year 9 is a bit different. She is getting a couple of pieces each evening to complete for different subjects. We've had science, art, French, art and maths this week. She has been great at just getting on with it and thankfully needed little help from me when it came to the maths. Algebra and graphs are not my strong point.

I hope you have all had a good week.


  1. Hope your second go of tomatoes works out ... I had two plants earlier this year, and got two tiny green tomatoes in total that never bothered ripening!!

  2. I can understand you worrying about Becky's job but it's good she feels happy and safe. Boo has also started bringing homework back from school, but she doesn't seem that interested in completing it. I was debating on whether to send the kids back to school, especially being in a high risk area, but the little man is doing so much better. He's even lost weight (I'm waiting for a growth spurt he's growing out instead of up!) Love your tomatoes, well done! x

  3. Hope Becky can stay safe with her job and glad that Ellie is coping well with the extra homework she is getting. Hope you get your toilet sorted out soon as well. Lovely to have a red tomato appearing. We had a grand total of three tomatoes on my tomato plant and Thomas picked two of them while they were still green. The third is now going red so hopefully I will get to have one tomato from it! Hope you get a few more red ones! :-)

  4. A red tomato! They do say that the others will turn if you leave one red one with them, so fingers crossed for the others. Nothing like fresh tomatoes. I have my eldest and husband still working from home. I miss my alone time a little bit too, but I am enjoying the company. I'm not sure how I'd feel if one of mine were working in a restaurant. I'm sure Becky is putting safety first. It would be a shame for her to have to give it up. #wotw

  5. I still have a couple of tomatoes on my plants that I'm waiting to turn red. Madam had a piece of homework the other day, she's very good at getting it done. Karen - Early Rising Mum