Tuesday 8 September 2020

The bane of my life. The Laundry!

Washing, drying, folding and putting away clothes is the bane of my life and probably many other people's too. I often think why do my family have to wear so many clothes?

I do enjoy doing the laundry when I am home alone. I feel like I can get on top of it and if it's a sunny day there is nothing better than getting it out on the line. Sometimes I even manage to empty the dirty washing basket which is a minor miracle!

I know in the summer my family wear more clothes than in the winter. We all sweat and the girls seem to get dirtier with going to the park and being out in the garden. I do find it relaxing going into the garden and pegging things out on the line but in the winter it is not so much fun. I hate having to put everything on to clothes horses or have the cold walk to the garage where our tumble dryer is which I begrudge using because of the money it costs.

What I find exhausting is getting the kids to bring their dirty washing downstairs. Becky will eventually bring her dirty clothes down but only when she has a full basket and then will take over the washing machine only washing her clothes. It drives me crazy! I tell her again and again to bring it down every day but she never listens.

Ellie on the other hand will come downstairs on a morning in her pj's and then she hopes there is a basket of clean, dried clothes in the dining room which I haven't got around to putting away and she roots around in that to find something to wear.

My most hated job when it comes to doing the washing is folding it and putting it away but thankfully Ellie loves that job and will do it for a price. It is one of her jobs to earn her pocket money.

One of the things I don't do is iron! I don't have time for that. 99% of our clothes don't need ironing and the only reason I have an iron now is to iron clothes if we are going somewhere fancy which hasn't happened lately with the virus being around.

With laundry ranking typically low on most people’s list of favourite household chores, new data sheds a fresh light on the public’s attitude towards doing laundry. 

Men admitted to wearing underwear two times before throwing them in the wash. Whilst this level of hygiene may be questioned by some women aren’t totally in the clear either wearing their bras an average of eight times despite men thinking they’re washed after two!

Eww! Knickers are changed here every day, Stu included but I do admit I will wear a bra 3 or 4 times without washing it. (as long as it's not a scorching day & I've been sweating then it's every day). I don't sleep in bras and never wear the same bra more than one day in a row so they do get an airing. I don't think that is too bad. Becky will wear a fresh, clean bra every day and I find it funny she does. 

58% of Brits said that they have no problem with other people re-wearing items multiple days in a row however one in ten women confessed to being worried about a peer’s welfare if spotted re-wearing items too frequently.

I am not bothered about what other people wear but I have always said to my girls not to wear the same outfit for more than one day in a row even if it has been washed. It is just to keep up appearances. I don't want someone looking at my girls thinking they don't have many clothes. They actually have more clothes than me. lol and even some clothes in the drawers that they've never even got around to wearing yet.

Do you hate doing the laundry too?


  1. Oh my gosh I hate doing the laundry!
    I've managed to get into a good routine just lately where I do 15 minutes of sorting and folding every day. The ironing though, that builds up unfortunatly.
    My two are like Becky, they pile their clothes in the basket until it's overflowing and then bring it downstairs. It takes me days to get through it and they expect clean clothes straight away. It drives me nuts! :)

  2. Laundry is never ending in this house, I can't remember the last time we had an empty laundry basket! It is shocking the amount of dirty washing we have to do as the kids have clean uniform daily, then I have sports kits, work clothes, normal clothes etc. x