Thursday 10 September 2020

Happy Birthday to my teen! She's an adult now!

Eighteen years ago I became a mother. I still can't get my head around the fact that Becky is 18 years old today! How did that happen. I still remember being pregnant with her. Becky's due date was the 11th of September. A year after the Twin Towers were destroyed by terrorists so everyone kept telling me. It got very annoying and I am quite glad that it was discovered she was breech and I had a planned c-section on the 10th.

I feel like I've levelled up in parenting, raising a child into adulthood. As much as I sometimes moan about her being a typical teenager she is a good lass and has given us nothing but smiles and reasons to be proud.

This time last year Becky had just started college and has really got on great with it. She's knuckled down and worked hard. She got her results from college and got a C in English which she resat from school and a C in the health and social care course.

At college she's made a ton of friends. She has even met someone special. "A" is a big part of Becky's life and ours. She is such a lovely lass and is practically part of the family now.

Becky is living the best life at the moment. Over the last 6 weeks or so she's started meeting up with friends again and has herself a new part time job which I will be writing about soon. She has money coming in and is saving some but is enjoying spending it too. There is even talk of her buying us all Christmas presents this year.

Apart from Becky's girlfriend the biggest things to take over her life is Fortnite. We got her an xbox one at Christmas and she is obsessed. There are times when I think that if I hear the word "Fortnite" once more, I might lose my mind. She has got Stu playing it and now Ellie too.

Becky doesn't have any great plans for her birthday. We're getting a takeaway tonight, having a meal out tomorrow and of course she wants to buy her first legal alcoholic drink. I think she'll be too busy playing with her new laptop to bother with much else. hehehe

Becky makes me so proud every day and some days she drives me crazy but I wouldn't have her any other way. 


  1. Aw, I hope Becky has had a lovely 18th birthday. She's a lovely girl.
    Fortnite has taken over our house too. I love it! Haha. x

  2. I hope that Becky had a lovely birthday and enjoyed her first legal drink. Aaahhhh to be 18 again, eh? xx

  3. Awww how lovely, happy birthday Becky x #mmbc