Wednesday 2 September 2020

What we have bought my eldest for her birthday!

For years it has always been in the back of my mind what to get Becky for her 18th birthday. She is so hard to buy for. She isn't really into jewellery, she doesn't really collect anything, have any interests away from her tablet and xbox and I didn't want to give her money that she potentially could waste on tat.

As luck would have it just as she finished her college coursework back at the end of June the laptop she had started playing up and by the end of July it had died completely. It was my old one and must have been about 10 years old at least. So we were on the hunt for a laptop for her. Our thinking is that she can use it to play games, video chat and even do her college work. We hung on and hung on until we found a bargain and eventually did from Ebuyer a site which Stu regularly uses. When we bought it, it was on sale for £299 it has since gone up to £399. I was tempted to buy myself one at that price but the hard drive wasn't big enough for me because of the games I have on mine. 

We ordered it at the end of July and the delivery was set for the start of August, then they put in back to the end of August then back to the the 7th of September which would have been pushing it for Becky to get it on the 10th for her birthday when they don't actually have it in stock yet! Stu got on the phone yesterday and spoke to someone who spoke to their manager and they offered us an alternative laptop with the same specifications at the same price because they understand we've been messed around and it turns out the one we ordered won't be in stock now until the 9th. They were a fantastic help and the new one should be with us over the next couple of days. Phew!

After ordering Becky the laptop she suddenly became easy to buy for. Laptop accessories!

For her laptop we have bought her:

A laptop tray - £14,99 - Amazon. I have one pretty similar and I love it. There's room for my laptop and my mouse on the side.
A laptop sleeve - £8.99 - Amazon. Hopefully it will save it from the laptop being damaged.
A wireless mouse - £12.99 - Amazon. 
Wireless headphones - £16.99 - Amazon Every year we buy Becky new headphones. She has a habit of dropping them or sitting on them and breaking them.
Friends laptop stickers - £4.98 - Amazon
A Groot USB stick - £13.39 - Amazon

We have got her a few other things not laptop related that I think she'll be happy with and we're going to have a shopping spree around Primark as she's spotted a few tops she wants. We wouldn't usually spend so much on a birthday but it is her 18th and she isn't having a party.

What did you get your kids for their 18th birthday or will you get them?

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  1. I haven't even thought about my daughters 18th yet and it is in a month, I really need to get my thinking cap on! I bet Becky will love what you have her and I hope she has a lovely 18th x