Saturday 26 September 2020

Week 39 of #Project366 - A photo every day for a year!

We have had a quiet week with not a lot going on. It's been nice to have some calm after a busy few weeks although yesterday I had big plans to get things done and actually got very little done because I was helping my dad out with some admin. My stuff can wait, his couldn't.

I am looking forward to another nice relaxed weekend. It's supposed to be chilly and if it was anything like yesterday I can see the heating going on. 

Now for a photo every day!

263/366 - 19th September
I received a couple of prints to feature on my blog and will be soon. They were going to go in one of the kids rooms, then I decided on the dining room and now they're up on the wall in the living room. They're something a bit different. 

264/366 - 20th September
Roast parsnips! My favourite part of a Sunday lunch!

265/366 - 21st September
The plumber arrived on Monday to fix our leaky, wobbly loo. The bolts holding it down were snapped which were making it wobbly and one of the water pipes was loose because of it moving. He removed the whole toilet did some fiddling and put it all back together. It doesn't wobble anymore but was still leaking until Stu put some sealant on.

266/366 - 22nd September
I have a red tomato! Hooray! 

267/366 - 23rd September
Chips and mayo for lunch! I am blaming Becky. She keeps making chips for lunch, something I wouldn't normally eat but they always smell so good! 

268/366 - 24th September
Ellie borrowed Becky's jacket from school and Becky couldn't argue because she was still in bed. hehehe

269/366 - 25th September
Becky got her certificates from college with her results from the last academic year. They've been added to the folder with all of her other results she's got over the years.

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  1. Well done on the tomato - I've had my first ones over the last week or so, but most are still green. I love roast parsnips too.

  2. It's so exciting when tomatoes turn red. They always seem to take so long. I love parsnips too.

  3. Those tomatoes are late, I've got some ripening on the window sill. I love roast parsnips also, my favourite part of a Sunday dinner

  4. love roast parsnips here too although I hated them as a child. Glad you managed to get the loo sorted #366

  5. Awwwww chips and mayo!!! The comfort food of the Gods! :) Nom nom, I could just eat some right now! I still think I have my certificates from my GCSE's and A-Levels way back in the day in my Student Achievement folder somewhere in the house. For as much as school warn you to keep it safe, I've never actually needed to use it! Hope you are all well and having a lovely week! Sim x

  6. Yay for red tomatoes well done, hope some more have turned red this week. Those prints look great. I am a sucker for chips and mayo too something I have passed onto the youngest. I now think I need to get some Parsnips for Sunday lunch!

  7. Love roast parsnips with Sunday lunch. Glad your wobbly loo got fixed. Lovely to finally get a red tomato – I finally got to enjoy the one tomato that successfully ripened on our tomato plants this week! Chips and mayo is yummy. Gotta love siblings borrowing clothes! #project366

  8. Ahhh a nice quiet week sounds absolutely perfect to me ! Great to see your tomatoes are finally going red - about time ! Hmmm roast parsnips - they are finally starting to sell them in France but they're still seen as exotic so are quite expensive. Chips and mayo are a very French thing though - I do like a bit of ketchup or curry sauce on mine, but mayo will do at a pinch ! lol

  9. I'll always eat chips and anything! Borrowing the jacket would have caused major arguments between me and my sis when we were younger... #project366

  10. Don't think I have ever had chips with mayo! Might have to give it a go.

    Glad the toilet is sorted!

  11. Yum I love chips with mayo too. I don't think I could turn them down if they were being made everyday either! Oooh yay about the red tomato, I love fresh tomatoes straight from the plant! I turned the heating on for the first time on Friday, I thought least I made it to October (just!).

  12. Well done to Becky and her results, glad to hear the toilet is now fixed and those prints are super cute

  13. Cute prints. I haven't had parsnips before, they look tasty. OoOO red tomato!! Truly one can't ignore fries with mayo, or even just fries. Smart Ellie