Monday 7 September 2020

The return to school, college and normal life?

Today is the day that I have been dreading and looking forward to in equal parts. The kids are returning to school and college after nearly 6 months off. Before Coronavirus I could never, ever imagine my girls having that long off school. It certainly has been a strange time.

I know school and college is the best place for my girls, to learn and socialise but that doesn't stop me worrying.

Ellie's school have set a lot of things in place to keep the kids and teachers safe. The vertical tutoring system is gone and they are now keeping year groups together, there are sanitation stations around the school where kids can keep their hands clean, breaks are staggered and masks are optional. 

The information from my teens college has been pretty limited. There is hand washing stations, extra buses put on to get to college, less food options and that's about all we know. I am pretty confident that it will be a safe place to be. Becky's college is filled with people of all ages so if there were unsafe things happening they would complain, that's what I'm hoping for anyways.

From what we've heard about college for Becky she will be there one day a week and learning at home for the rest of the time. The college has a good set up with Microsoft Teams, Zoom calls and keeping in touch. Before the summer Becky was good at home learning so I hope she keeps that up.

The girls are looking forward to getting back to a bit of normal and seeing all of their friends. Over the last couple of months they've been to the park and Becky has been out with a few of her friends and at work so they've not been totally isolated but it's not the same as seeing them at school and college.

As much as I know it's for the best the girls returning to school and college the worry is still there. All the what if's. The virus is still out there, there are still people getting infected and dying from it. I have to trust my girls will keep their distance from other people and keep washing their hands.

For me it's going to be so strange being at home. I have been home alone for about an hour at the most over the last 5 and a half months. A whole 6 hours at least without the kids is going to be really strange. What will I do with my time?


  1. My son went back to school for one day, then there was an outbreak of coronavirus amongst the teachers and he went back at home learning! I hope your kids fare better. #MMBC

  2. The one day a week in college classrooms sounds like that might be doable w/o disastrous results. Saying a prayer for all children going back to school. Keep safe. #MMBC

  3. It's totally understandable that you're still worried despite all the precautions. I really hope your girls enjoy their time at school and college. #MMBC

  4. I know it feels super strange for me too. But I'm so relieved we can get to some sort of routine and normality again x #MMBC

  5. I hope it goes well for Ellie, my boys enjoy having a routine and you soon get in the swing of the new normal X #mmbc

  6. After such a long time with children at home it will be really odd when my daughter goes back. I have mixed feelings about the whole situation but I guess it has to happen sometime! I hope your girls have a good start to the year :o)


  7. Aww, I know how you feel Kim. It has been a long time and I am use to mine being around all day too now but very quite in the house now they are back at school. Thanks for stopping by #mmbc

  8. Make yourself a list of all your guilty pleasures and work through it when they're back at school/college ! lol